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The GQ BEST STUFF BOX is a quarterly subscription box featuring the things we love—rigorously tested and loved by GQ editors. It includes our favorite electronics, grooming products, and accessories—every box valued at over $200 each

The Basics

  • $50 per quarter
  • Ships to US
per quarter

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Review for GQ Best Stuff Box Subscription Box Review - Winter 2020
Carlos Lamborn profile picture by Carlos Lamborn on December 4, 2020

The latest GQ Best Stuff Box for Winter 2020 curated by Kevin Love is chock full of the best personal care items. Find out more in our latest review. Read more...

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The Basics

  • $50 per quarter
  • Ships to US

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3.2 overall rating

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Feb 18, 2021
Will NEVER subscribe to this box, EVER again! I ordered this as a Christmas and Birthday gift for my sister's boyfriend for all of 2021 and in mid-January, he still hadn't received it. When I ordered the subscription I received a confirmation e-mail telling me that I would be notfied when the box shipped. Since I never received a shipping notice, I reached out to the company to see what the status of my order was. Their response was that they couldn't find ANY information in the system pertaining to me, or the recipient. Now I had been charged the $200+ for an annual gift subscription the DAY AFTER I placed my order. They had EMAILED ME a confirmation, and yet had NO RECORD! I had to send a copy of my credit card statement, the confrmation e-mail and numerous additional e-mails to get them to FINALLY admit they messed up my order. It is now 2/18/21, and my order was placed over TWO months ago!! I still havent received my refund and was notified that "due to a punctuation mark at the end of the name placed on the order, it never received our system." HOW DO THEY NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO PROCESS SOMETHING LIKE THIS? Or at the very least notify the individual that there was an error processing their information??? WATCH OUT IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY! You could very well place YOUR order, or a GIFT order and never receive anything and have been charged. KEEP EVERYTHING IF YOU DECIDE TO CHANCE IT WITH THIS COMPANY! ABSOLUTE SCAM ARTISTS!

Dec 28, 2020
I ordered this box as a gift on November 28th. The advertisement stated GUARANTEED delivery by Christmas. My box did not ship until the 16th of December guaranteeing it would not be delivered by Christmas. It was supposedly our for delivery today but could not be delivered and was shipped back to the sender due to insufficient address info. I have called no less that half a dozen times since November and had to confirm my address each and every time. How could they get the address wrong? So I’m out a Christmas present and I’m horrible disgusted that when I contacted their “customer service “ this evening that even the supposed supervisor had no authority to expedite a new order for me and stated that they will ship a new box to arrive mid-January. Absolutely terrible service and no one wants to fix their mistake or try to make it right. When I finally asked for a refund, they couldn’t care less that they were losing a customer. They also claim they could not send me a confirmation email to show the cancellation or prove my money was being refunded. I’ve read here many times previous when contemplating ordering this box that the service was poor and I ignored my gut instinct. I was wrong. This company is terrible and does not care about its customers. Do yourself a favor and don’t order from them. It’s not worth the grief or aggravation.

Dec 16, 2020
I'm still waiting on my box to arrive. I ordered it 11/28, it's shipping today 12/16, I was hoping to have it for Christmas, it may still get here. After looking at everything in the box, I can foresee my husband liking the bag, soap and deodorant, the rest is for me (oops...). There's another box that may be better suited to him. People were asking about how easy cancelations were. I can say 100% Super easy, I dialed the number 1-800-999-6536 on their FAQ, it was answered immediately by a pleasant woman, I told her I wanted to cancel the box as it wasn't something I could foresee my husband really wanting as a gift, he'll use any blanket :) Anyhow, she had it done in about 20 seconds and that was it, confirmed I wouldn't be billed again and said good night. So if you want to try this box, feel confident there's a phone and someone answering it to cancel for you.

Feb 22, 2020
Great products so far. Shipping box needs to be sturdier. Box arrives pretty roughed up by USPS. One product, Dove shampoo arrived leaking. In the Winter 2019 box cotton citizen shirt never arrived, ordered in Nov 2019.

Aug 28, 2019
Thoughtfully curated boxes and great customer service. Thank you, GQ!

Aug 28, 2019
I love my best box!
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May 9, 2019
@GQ after losing my account, @GQ charged my account on April 16th and mailed package April 25th, it still has not arrived. Called customer service and was told to call the post office. Customer service was rude at best. Unacceptable. Cancelled all future orders after being a customer for over a year. Buyer beware. Worst subscription service yet.

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