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Golden tote is a surprise shopping spree bundled up in a cute, canvas tote bag and delivered to your door without doing any of the work. It's a great assortment of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories curated just for you. Select one or two items, and the Golden Tote stylists surprise you with the rest of the items. There are three pricing options: $59 for two items (you pick one item, one is a surprise), $89 for three items (all three are a surprise), or $149 for five items (you pick two, three are a surprise). This is not a traditional subscription - new boxes are available each month - buy only if you are interested.

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January 29, 2015
I am hooked. GT offers the cutest clothes (especially Puella!) at such reasonable prices. I've been ordering a tote (or toteS) for almost a year, and never skipped a month. There are some "miss" months, but most of the time, it's great. I'm a smaller XS, so it's sometimes hard for me to find right clothes, but the owners of the GT (Sarahs) always offer sizing info and model before the sale for XS and S items (Sarahs wear XS so it's really helpful for me). If you decided to get a tote, don't forget to join the trading group on FB! You can trade or sell the items you don't wear, and you can also get the items you wanted but didn't get in your tote :)
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October 22, 2014
I think they have great customer service!!!! Right now I think they are just super busy rig h t now. My first order was missing my surprise item and they sent it right out. My second order I got a skirt which was on my no no list so they told me to feel free to gift it to a family or friend member and sent. Me another. This past time there was so much I wanted. Well I had a tooth pulled at 9am and the sell went live at 12 I must have been out of it but I was there. Except I ordered the same thing twice and they fixed it for me. Considering all of that I love them. Plus no spoilers total surprises. Love it.
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September 2, 2014
Im new to golden tote so i was hoping someone can answer a couple questions. Would it make sense to get 3 $49 bags so you can pick 3, or would you pay triple shipping that way. Also, are the surprise items always part of the choices for the month?
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