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Go Organik Box


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Go Organik Box is a monthly subscription that delivers organic makeup. Each box will include 4-5 full-size makeup items that are non-toxic, organic, all natural & cruelty-free.

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I haven’t received my first box just yet BUT I am 100% positive I can give this company 5 stars and here’s why... I reached out to Go Organik through a fb message recently, mentioning that I was planning on gifting my mother a 3 month subscription to one of 3 different beauty boxes. I added that she has breast cancer and that I feel it’s my duty as her daughter, to make her feel pretty during this ugly process. I asked if they could offer a small discount seeing as their box, while completely worth it in value, was on the higher end of my budget. (You don’t know unless you ask). Due to a Facebook technical issue, they weren’t able to get back to me and I went ahead and chose them to subscribe to anyway seeing as my research proved them to be the best. By the time they replied about a week later, my mother’s cancer had escalated to stage 4 (we found out just before their reply). They kindly offered a refund of a percentage (surprising because they already won us as customers and didn’t need to offer anything). I even subscribed for myself! BUT THEN... that’s where Paloma, the founder of the company, personally reached out to me and not only offered me a larger percentage refund for my own personal account but GIFTED my mom an ADDITIONAL 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION setup up to follow the current one I purchased all because she wants my mom to have something uplifting to look forward to each month. She did it completely out of the kindness of her heart. I asked if I could leave a review sharing what she’d done and she said it wasn’t necessary, she just wanted my mom to feel beautiful. The message was lengthy in reply, included recommended Cancer-fighting resources (including “the truth about cancer”- which is amazing by the way), offers to pray, and her request for me to email her personally with updates of my Mother’s journey. What On Earth?! It blows my mind that this level of generosity and kindness exists. Creating bonds with customers like this goes beyond money and products and services...it comes down to humanity and for that reason I plan to be a customer for as long as my makeup cabinet (and husband!) can handle it! Haha! I’ll note that I did also reach out to one other organic beauty box, at the same time that I initially messaged Go Organik. I won’t mention who they are, but they are more costly. I requested a small discount and gave them the same info. And while they didn’t need to feel obligated to offer anything at all (which I told them), they replied that they wouldn’t offer something they aren’t offering to all customers, regardless of the situation. The point was taken and no hard feelings came from it but further interaction definitely seemed more cold and awkward on their end. I still subscribed to one month through them simply because I wanted it clear that I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I manage all of the subboxes either my mom or I have had or currently have whether it’s gifted subscriptions or ones for ourselves and I have NEVER been treated this way. Paloma made me feel like I was speaking to a friend. My gratitude goes beyond the box. Thank you Paloma and all of you at Go Organik! You represent what your box stands for, quite well. 💜. Sub to this box! You won’t be disappointed!! P.s. Emotions aside, I HAVE reviewed all of the unboxings and believe this box to have the best bang for your buck in the green/organic/vegan beauty industries.
on 5/10/2018
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This box is ok. I’ve subscribed to 3 months so far (haven’t received January box yet) the contents aren’t horrible, but aren’t the greatest either. The thing that really irritates me about this box is that customer service takes 3-4 days to reply to your email (can’t imagine they are that busy to take 4 days to reply), and they take forever to ship out the boxes but chArge you on the 1st of the month. For example last month they charged me December 1st but shipped the box December 24th. Completely unacceptable in my opinion. I’m going give them one last shot, but I’ll most likely cancel because I’m just getting annoyed over here.
on 1/19/2018