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Go Organik Box is a monthly subscription that delivers organic makeup. Each box will include 4-5 full-size makeup items that are non-toxic, organic, all natural & cruelty-free.

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This box is ok. I’ve subscribed to 3 months so far (haven’t received January box yet) the contents aren’t horrible, but aren’t the greatest either. The thing that really irritates me about this box is that customer service takes 3-4 days to reply to your email (can’t imagine they are that busy to take 4 days to reply), and they take forever to ship out the boxes but chArge you on the 1st of the month. For example last month they charged me December 1st but shipped the box December 24th. Completely unacceptable in my opinion. I’m going give them one last shot, but I’ll most likely cancel because I’m just getting annoyed over here.
on 1/19/2018