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GlossyBox is a beauty and makeup subscription. They send out 4-5 deluxe and full size beauty products each month.

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Worst experience ever. I had the hardest time trying to subscribe. Once it went through, it actually went through 3 times. I emailed immediately and tried to cancel since there is no customer service number to call. 2 days later there was no reply to my message and they sent me three boxes! Three of the same boxes. I still had no reply email so I started a chat. It took minutes for a response and the response was that I need to send it back at my expense or I can return to sender with no guarantee they will get it. I decided to just cancel. If I'm not worth their time, then they aren't worth my money.
on 1/10/2020
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Glossybox has excellent customer service!! I have subscribed to GB since 2013 and I have had only 3 issues. 1st time - I received a broken lip pen. The entire box was credited. 2nd time - I did not receive my box, so the box was credited. The 3rd time, which was this week - I did not receive my November box. I sent a message late at night and I already had an apology the next morning. They said DHL returned the box. I was asked if I wanted a replacement box or credit. I LOVE GLOSSYBOX, so of course I asked for a replacement box. I checked my messages tonight and they asked for 2 days to send out a new box. It's been 6 years and I STILL get excited when I see my box in the mail!! I subscribe to GB, IPSY and Sephora. Glossybox, is by far, my favorite. I am just over 50 and I feel their products cater to skin care which is what I need the most!
on 11/21/2019
I've been with glossybox at least 2 years. Products ALWAYS suck but the wrapping is always pretty so I dont even open them and give them away as bday presents. Well I'm done with them now!!! They sent me 2 duplicates of April and I've been on the phone for an hour with them and their bottomline is "theres nothing we can do about that now and it's too late to purchase May's box now too" I asked "are you guys that desperate for money that you cant say 'sorry you received a duplicate, we will send you May's or even Junes as a one time courtesy" but no!!I said "then cancel this subscription and leave my bank acct alone" she said "you didnt cancel by the 14th so you're paying for june" wooooooow!!! Glossybox is the most scandalous subscription I've had!! Besides scentbird that is!!
on 5/20/2019
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The March 2019 box is the worst I have received, lately GLOSSYBOX has lacked higher end products, I finally did it, I cancelled. Fro now on I will read spoilers alert and will decide to renew again. Disappointed 😔
on 3/9/2019
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I just received the Glossybox Advent calendar and I am so disappointed. Many of the items advertised in promotional materials and unboxing events/descriptions were not in my box. The is the first Advent calendar that I have bought. There were so many items that were substituted with less valuable products. I have contacted their customer service, so we’ll see what happens. However, my experience with their customer service is very poor. I am hoping to just return this box.
on 11/3/2018
I have been subscribing to Glossybox for 2 years now. I am a mature age African American woman which enjoy receiving beauty, hair, body and much more products for a woman of color. I love having to receive a couple of free boxes for my birthday and anniversary from Glossybox. I receive products which I never heard of nor used and I order them when I need more product.
on 4/26/2018
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I am writing this based on my experience with their customer service and the resolution, as well as the box experience. I had signed up for a 3 month subscription. I was supposed to receive my first box by 31st January and upon nothing being received and not seeing any movement on my box since the 27th, I emailed GLOSSYBOX through their site about the situation. I received an email stating they'll be back to me within 24 hours. They got back to me within 6 hours, which is pretty quick. Turns out USPS had lost my box (I've had this happen a few times with the USPS down here in Florida) so it wasn't a big surprise to me. Then they offered three decisions to make it right: replace the box immediately, refund me the money or credit me the money on their LookFantastic partner site. I was really impressed with the options to make this right. I was really looking forward to my box so I opted for the first one. It has only been 6 hours again and I've been given a tracking number for a new replacement box. Now that to me, is customer service. I don't fault them for the loss of my package in transit, as it is out of their control. Disappointing? Absolutely. But did they make up for it? Oh yeah. I finally received my January box and my February box at the same time: they both arrived the first week of February and I am in love with the packaging! The "Valentine's Day" themed box is just the cutest. I also love how sturdy the boxes are as well. Great for storage. Once I opened the boxes, I noticed how much care they took to make sure it all was placed in the box well so nothing could happen during transit. I really appreciate that. As for the items in the box, I freaking love! Some of the items I would never have thought to get for myself but since I'm willing to try everything, I cannot wait to see what it does for my skin or hair. I am still amazed by their customer service and how quickly not only did I receive a response, but how quickly I got my box replacement. I really appreciate it and that will definitely keep me a customer for a long time.
on 3/18/2018
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I have a lot of feedback. I love love love Glossybox. I love the box itself; not the mishaps I have had. I subscribed in the past and had no issue cancelling as I followed the rules. Only reason I cancelled was due to needing the extra cash. I resubscribe within the first few days of November and expect to receive my November box and a limited edition box I add to the cart as well. I'm charged for both. Long story short, it took several months and around 20 emails and two phone calls to finally get the two boxes after I had already received my December and January boxes. It wasn't that anybody wasn't helping me but rather it seemed like nobody knew what was going on and so they kept sending me on wild chases to fix the issue that was THEIR error. I got my boxes finally though and I was very happy. I have been subscribed to similar boxes and Glossybox is by far my favorite in quality and the number of full size, quality products.
on 2/8/2018
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Glossybox can occasionally wow you with a monthly box but if you have a problem and if you subscribe you’ll eventually have a problem. Their customer service is lacking there’s a chat option that’s never available and email takes forever. It takes days to ask a simple question and they do things like cancel your monthly box if you cancel your subscription. I’ve seen so many people have issues getting the rest of their prepaid subscription boxes from Glossybox.
on 12/23/2017
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Long time reader/ lurker first time post GLOSSY BOX The worst subscription experience ever. I can’t believe they actually get away with what they are doing. Totally caveat emptor! I went in with eyes wide open, even after reading some of the horrible reviews here, but they had a three month $10 each box special. So I thought I’d be safe or special...LOL. My December box was shipped on the 6th according to their email and here it is the 19th and still have not received. I called twice and was disconnected. The third time I pressed 1, for new orders, and actually spoke to someone right away! When I explained that I hadn’t received my box she proceeded to tell me that they we require a hand signed document, that can only be submitted through their online messaging system! How can they do that? I don’t have a printer! See, I think they knew I had cancelled as soon as I got my 3rd and last notice that the 10 dollar box was being shipped. I read here that they play tricky getting you for another month but ahaha I cancelled my paypal payment. So to avoid future billings. I ended up filing a paypal complaint because I want the box or at the very least my money back. Stay away!!
on 12/19/2017