GlossyBox is a beauty subscription box that sends five deluxe and full-size products to your door every month for $21 (with free shipping to the U.S.). Subscribers should expect to discover new brands of hair care, makeup, and skincare in each pink box, wrapped up nicely with a different theme each time. There are different variations of boxes sent in each delivery of this monthly beauty box, but each box should have a value of at least $75.

The Basics

  • $21 Monthly
  • Ships to US
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $60+ per box
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Featured Review: GlossyBox Subscription Review + Coupon - July 2021

Review for GlossyBox Subscription Review + Coupon - July 2021
Taryn Lowman profile picture by Taryn Lowman on July 29, 2021

This month's GlossyBox features 5 beauty finds including a gorgeous set of eyeshadow brushes, an illuminating blush, and more. Read on for all the details! Read more...

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The Basics

  • $21 Monthly
  • Ships to US
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $60+ per box

What We Love

  • They deliver only deluxe samples or full-size beauty products each month.

  • The curation includes a variety of skincare and makeup items from beauty brands you already love and some that may be lesser-known but just as effective.

What You Should Know

  • GlossyBox has a Glossy Credit program where you can earn points to spend by reviewing your products each month.

  • Some readers have commented about receiving poor customer service. Be sure to read the comments on recent reviews to get the most up to date information before subscribing!

We Recommend GlossyBox If

  • You enjoy receiving a mix of haircare, skincare, and makeup items to try.

  • You appreciate a good value – this box delivers over $60 worth of products for just $21 per month, or even less with a longer subscription.

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How Do Subscribers Rate GlossyBox?

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3.3 overall rating

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Mar 9, 2019
The March 2019 box is the worst I have received, lately GLOSSYBOX has lacked higher end products, I finally did it, I cancelled. Fro now on I will read spoilers alert and will decide to renew again. Disappointed 😔
Profile image for Leigh

Mar 18, 2018
I am writing this based on my experience with their customer service and the resolution, as well as the box experience. I had signed up for a 3 month subscription. I was supposed to receive my first box by 31st January and upon nothing being received and not seeing any movement on my box since the 27th, I emailed GLOSSYBOX through their site about the situation. I received an email stating they'll be back to me within 24 hours. They got back to me within 6 hours, which is pretty quick. Turns out USPS had lost my box (I've had this happen a few times with the USPS down here in Florida) so it wasn't a big surprise to me. Then they offered three decisions to make it right: replace the box immediately, refund me the money or credit me the money on their LookFantastic partner site. I was really impressed with the options to make this right. I was really looking forward to my box so I opted for the first one. It has only been 6 hours again and I've been given a tracking number for a new replacement box. Now that to me, is customer service. I don't fault them for the loss of my package in transit, as it is out of their control. Disappointing? Absolutely. But did they make up for it? Oh yeah. I finally received my January box and my February box at the same time: they both arrived the first week of February and I am in love with the packaging! The "Valentine's Day" themed box is just the cutest. I also love how sturdy the boxes are as well. Great for storage. Once I opened the boxes, I noticed how much care they took to make sure it all was placed in the box well so nothing could happen during transit. I really appreciate that. As for the items in the box, I freaking love! Some of the items I would never have thought to get for myself but since I'm willing to try everything, I cannot wait to see what it does for my skin or hair. I am still amazed by their customer service and how quickly not only did I receive a response, but how quickly I got my box replacement. I really appreciate it and that will definitely keep me a customer for a long time.
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Nov 17, 2017
I love my Glossybox boxes so far. Im 5 in on a 6mo sub and i bought the holiday box as a early gift to myself. So far everything has come in good condition and on time. Im happy with them.
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May 5, 2017
I've subscribed to tons of boxes over the years - BirthBox, TestTube Beauty, PopSugar, etc - Glossy Box is one I can always count on for a terrific curation of great products. But, to each her own :)
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Apr 19, 2016
This is one of my favorite boxes. The amount of product you receive is enough alone to make you want to subscribe to it. I subscribe to Ipsy and BirchBox and this is my favorite of all three. I am about to push Ipsy out the door because Glossy box always makes Ipsy a disappointment for me.
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Apr 13, 2015
This is my first month with glossy box. Judging by the tracking I should get the box tomorrow, I don't see any shipping issues so far with this box, I haven't even gotten a tracking number for my ipsy sub yet. Also the Mother's Day glossy box just went on sale, I love the items I just ordered it :)
Profile image for Deanne

Oct 14, 2020
I have never had a problem with my delivery of glossy box I expect it near the end or the very end of each month and I've also never had a problem subscribing and canceling which I've done off and on for 2 years. It's the only box left that has such a nice actual box with packaging that's thoughtfully prepared, look fantastic does this as well actually. I'm tired of my other boxes having everything dumped in there by careless workers. It is not as high brow of products but they are always useful.
Profile image for PurpleSyn

Sep 15, 2020
Honestly it depends. Some are good and some not so much. For Canadians it cost around 28,50$ CAD with shipping and exchange rate. If you want to subscribe to only one box, I would choose another one.
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Feb 8, 2018
I have a lot of feedback. I love love love Glossybox. I love the box itself; not the mishaps I have had. I subscribed in the past and had no issue cancelling as I followed the rules. Only reason I cancelled was due to needing the extra cash. I resubscribe within the first few days of November and expect to receive my November box and a limited edition box I add to the cart as well. I'm charged for both. Long story short, it took several months and around 20 emails and two phone calls to finally get the two boxes after I had already received my December and January boxes. It wasn't that anybody wasn't helping me but rather it seemed like nobody knew what was going on and so they kept sending me on wild chases to fix the issue that was THEIR error. I got my boxes finally though and I was very happy. I have been subscribed to similar boxes and Glossybox is by far my favorite in quality and the number of full size, quality products.
Profile image for Barbara

Nov 11, 2017
I have read several pages of reviews and I admit I am totally confused by everyone's dislike of Glossybox. I have been a member since summer and so far I LOVE this subscription. Maybe they were a bit iffy in the past...not sure but I have found them to be very responsive in their CS. Had a broken item, emailed them and within 48 hours had an answer back. Sent photos to prove claim and they immediately sent me a replacement bottle. I offered to send the broken one back (pump was broken) and they told me to keep it. I think, in general, the products are excellent, and in general if not full size a generous deluxe size. It is beautifully packaged, sent VERY quickly (usually the beginning 3rd of the month and I have been very happy with the items I have received. Every month is not a home run, but there is always something that I really like...and if not I share the love with other women in my life. I am completely at a loss why people don't like Glossy Box because so far I love it.
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How do I cancel Glossybox?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by going under My Account, selecting your subscription, and hitting the cancel button. Just keep in mind that cancellations are only effective from the following month.
Will I receive samples in Glossybox?
Your products will be a mix of deluxe, sample size, and full-size beauty products each month.
Will I be sent repeat products in my month-to-month subscription?
The GlossyBox subscription tries not to send duplicate products unless they are a well-loved favorite but if you have any issues with this, they recommend contacting customer service for assistance.
How do Glossy Credits work?
There are a variety of ways you can earn Glossy Credits such as reviewing products you’ve received, completing surveys, or referring friends. You can then redeem them for Limited Edition boxes or products from LookFantastic. Read here for full details.
When does the GlossyBox Advent Calendar go on sale?
GlossyBox releases a beauty advent calendar every winter. It’s always filled with high-end beauty products like eyeshadow, nail polish, lip balm, mascara, masks, lotion, parfum, hair products, and much more. Keep an eye on our site in October—we’ll announce the next advent calendar with spoilers as soon as it’s available.

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