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Gizmonthly is a subscription service for cool things in technology their curators think can help and/or entertain you. Items vary and can include innovative ways to charge your devices, at home 3D printing technology, or other technology finds.

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This subscription box is closed as is the website.
on 2/17/2015
FYI, there Facebook page says that they went out of business after delivering 1/2 of there first months boxes.
on 1/15/2015
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The web page says they have shut down.
on 10/1/2014
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This box is no longer available to order. Seems the company shut down on 8/22/14. Such a shame too, I'm looking for a subscription for my hubby and this seemed like such a cool one! Oh well, back to the drawing board.
on 8/30/2014
gizmonthly has closed and is no longer available
on 8/27/2014