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Gizmo Crate is a monthly delivery of gizmos, gadgets and artisanal foods from across the spectrum of the weird, wonderful and delectable. Every crate contains 5 to 8 products.

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November 19, 2014
Gizmo crate is no longer in business.
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September 30, 2014
Please take my advice and don't even bother with Gizmo Crate right now. They are trying to re-invent themselves and honestly stumbling every step of the way. This company uses FAKE inventory from China to make it look like they have high end goods in their box. When you see them get knock offs from a company in China, its time to stay away. Customer service is abysmal and takes 3 + days to respond, if at all. Every month, there is some sort of shipping delay in getting the box out. The fake items, bad customer service, and constant shipping delays are the three strikes I need never to order this box again.
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August 24, 2014
cheap things that break. no customer service and never on time.
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