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Pet Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs and cats. Each month you can select toys, treats, grooming items you want in your box (typically 5-6 items), or be surprised.

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I believe petbox is out of business. Their website does not work and their facebook page is closed down.
on 12/21/2015
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A check of their Facebook page shows the most recent post as October 6th…..and it seems that there are other disgruntled customers who have not received their shipments.
on 11/11/2015
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They used to have individual items (treats, toys, etc.) for sale but for months now the site has indicated that they are moving. Impossible to get anyone by phone. Very difficult to get an e-mail reply. They did have some nice products but I feel like it is a struggle to use your points. I feel bad about this because I did like the items they offered. Maybe they will get back on their feet.
on 10/19/2015
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When I ordered this box back in May, I was told via email that I would get my first box within 10 days. 10 days came and went, and I had no box. I emailed the company, asking what the problem was. They emailed me back and gave me a tracking number and said my box was on the way. The tracking number they gave me didn't exist and after waiting another week for my box to arrive, I emailed them again. They ignored that email so I called them and no one picked up the phone. A month went by and I still didn't have my box. I continued to email them and six weeks after ordering the box, they finally answered me. They said they were in the middle of moving to a new warehouse and it would be an additional two weeks. I gave them that two weeks (by this time, it had been two months since I had ordered the box), and it still didn't come. And, once again, emails were ignored and no one answered the phone at the company. Finally, three months after ordering it, I got my box. I paid $35 for it and was promised a $50 value. Inside the box were three items - two packages of treats and a toy and all of that came out to $20 so they owed me money. The treats were expired and the toy was cheaply made and a choking hazard (it wasn't sewn right and inside was a sheet of plastic that could have choked my dog). I would not recommend this box.
on 10/10/2015
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I received a code for a 3 month subscription for the snackbox for $8, which normally costs $9.95 per box. Although only given 200 points, I have been able to get at least 3 different treats for each box. So far the snackbox has worked well, especially for the discounted price I now have. I like picking the snacks myself. Will have to determine if after the discount period if paying full price is worth it. I am not interested in their regular box, as Petlow and Barkbox are better deals in my opinion.
on 3/26/2015
the website gives no information until you subscribe... fishy...
on 2/21/2015
I got a deal on Groupon for the deluxe box. (I got it for half off - original price is 20 bucks a month) With this Deluxe box they give you a total of 400 points to customize your box, but that doesn't leave you much room to use their point system since a single toy can range anywhere from 200-400 points. You can usually manage to get 2-3 items per box if you are good at allocating the points. I would definitely suggest a different pet box. Not my fave.
on 2/6/2015
We have tried Barkbox and Petbox. I think the retail value of Barkbox is usually a bit higher, but I have a 100 lb Mastiff who is picky about his toys, so I like that Petbox allows me to customize his box. Canceling requires an email, but was relatively pain-free. Boxes can also be "packed" almost 2 months in advance.
on 1/26/2015