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"The GeekR Box ($29.95) has a different theme associated with it and comes with 5-8 geeky, fun and video game related items. Oh and we also throw in a t-shirt for good measure.. The GeekR Box Lite plan ($19.95) is for people who are looking for a random Funko Pop! as well as a matching themed t-shirt to go along with it. Each month will feature a different theme than the last with no repeats. This way you'll be sure to not get duplicates.. The GeekR Box Pop! plan ($10.95) was created for collectors of the wonderfully cute minifigures. Each month you'll receive a box with a different one. It's a fun way to build up your collection. That's the fun with GeekR Boxes. You never know what you're going to be getting!"

Shipping: GeekR Box: $9.95 or GeekR Box Lite: $7.95 or GeekR Box Pop!: $5.95

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