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Gamer Girl Monthly is a monthly subscription club for gamers! If you're a proud gamer fan, this is for you! Every month has a different theme, and they pick beautiful jewelry and collectibles to send out.

Shipping: US: $3.99, Canada: $9.99, International: $12.99

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This is an awesome box!! I selected my preferences and the box did not disappoint!!!
on 9/12/2017
I stayed with this subscription box for several months before finally cutting it out. The themes didn't always suit my tastes, which is always a risk when it comes to video games. Unfortunately, most of the jewelry and accessories that I received were of poor quality. Some of the adjustable rings were not sterling silver and left green marks on my fingers, and the chain on my Pokeball necklace snapped easily. It's a shame.
on 6/12/2017
I was cool with these guys until they sent out a "PacMan Bracelet" that is literally a crescent moon cuff bracelet, you can find on Google. Submitted a complaint to better business bureau for advertising fraud and canceled my sub. Their customer service response to my complaint was "pick two items and we will put them in your next box" Sorry but the exploitation of female gamers isn't fixed by giving me two free items.
on 6/4/2017
I had to give up most of my subscription boxes recently but this is the only one that I had to keep. The jewelry is so cute! I don't wear t-shirts, hats and things like that a lot and tend to have more of a girly style but I still love wearing things that are video game related. The jewelry and accessories fit my style perfectly for that. There are occasional pieces that I don't really like or probably won't wear but overall it's really nice stuff for a good price. They have a cool shop on their site where you can order some past items too and everything is set up to just ship with your next box so you don't pay for the extra shipping. Their support is also really good. I had to contact them about a pair of earrings in one of my boxes being broken and they sent me a new pair in my next box. Overall, I love it.
on 11/20/2016
I LOVE THIS BOX!!!! My husband and I used to subscribe to Loot Crate and every month there would be a few things we absolutely loved, but it wasn't necessarily all useful and it kind of started to pile up around the house. He told me to go ahead and cancel the main box right before Christmas, that he'd found something else I would love in place of it (he replaced his side of it with a subscription to indiebox, which makes physical special edition releases of digital only games). My first box arrived right after Christmas and it was WONDERFUL. I love everything I've gotten so far, even though I'm not a huge part of the fandom for some of the pieces. I even ordered some of the things I'd missed off their website, and I love and wear those all the time too! Portal companion cube earrings, Final Fantasy Mage earrings, Kingdom Hearts bracelet, and dr. who and sailor moon necklaces. I'm in geeky girl HEAVEN!
on 3/18/2016
The "subscribe" link above doesn't work but you can just google gamer girl monthly and it'll come up. :)
on 1/25/2016
Does not exist.
on 1/5/2016
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Great sub box! The jewelry and added item are all something i'd wear/use and are good quality for the price. I cant wait to get next months box!
on 8/27/2015