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" allows guys to keep their closets stocked with simple, stylish and comfortable tee shirts for a monthly price that simply can't be beat. Fresh clean tees come in a variety of colors and guys can select a style that best fits them. Whether it's the James Dean package which delivers a collection of black or white tee shirts, or the Wild Child which delivers pops of color that are perfect under a blazer at the office. Never wear a crusty old tee shirt again! "

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I really love the t-shirts, but the cost is way too high even for these good quality shirts. For a monthly sub of 3 t-shirts you pay $36. That's already high, but what they don't tell you (until you hit "checkout") is that you also pay $4.99 in shipping. If you buy a 5 pack outright you'll end up paying $9.99 in shipping. Total for 5 nice t-shirts you'll pay about $75. They're good t-shirts, but even the good quality doesn't match the price.
on 5/28/2016