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For The Makers


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For The Makers is a runway inspired DIY subscription box. Every month they send you all the materials and tutorials you need to make four different DIY projects.

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Me n bells
I signed up for a subscription to this box because of the reviews, but once I got it I was really disappointed by the items. The boxes have a lot of effort and curation, and the website's tutorials are amazing, but it's just not worth the cost to me. I'm not a light crafter, I actually like making jewelry that takes hours or days to finish. This seems better for teens or slightly crafty people who enjoy a night in making a one gem bracelet and some cards. Cute and nicely curated, but not for me.
on 5/11/2015
No Photo
I enjoy this box, but I think it is overpriced. It would be better for $15 or $10 per month.
on 10/10/2014
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This is my favorite subscription box of all time, hands down. I've been an FTM subscriber for over a year now and am always impressed with each month's theme and projects. The accessories are cute and on-trend, and I like how many of the materials are unique and can't just be picked up at your average craft store -- the founders used to design jewelry for well-known higher-end retailers so they have the inside scoop. I think the $29/month is totally worth it; you get 4 projects per box, which comes out to less than $8 a piece. The only caveat is that you'll need to invest in jewelry making tools (as another reviewer mentioned) and have a working knowledge of hand sewing for some of the projects. This box is best for intermediate to advanced crafters but a rewarding challenge for a beginner.
on 4/10/2014
No Photo
One of my favorite boxes. I like that there are 4 projects per month. The pieces are wearable and look high-end. Keep in mind, there are projects that require jewelry making tools (i.e. round nose pliers, wire cutters, etc.). If you do not already have those tools, you will need to spend the extra money to purchase them to complete some of the projects. $29 is a bit steep, but the projects, materials, and overall packaging kind of make up for it. My one wish is that they offered 3/6/12 month subscriptions that offered a discount rather than having to pay monthly at full price.
on 1/4/2014
I just got my first FTM box in the mail this month. I think it is the best craft subscription box out there because the products tend to look more high end and less "kid's craft" compared to the other boxes. Someone had commented on another website that the items in the box weren't worth the price. I totally agree, but that's not really what you're paying for. I feel like I'm paying for the project design and the convenience. I do feel like $29 a month is high, so I bought a subscription on black friday for $20 a month.
on 12/26/2013