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FLEX is a new menstrual product for a more comfortable period and mess-free period sex. Disposable and not linked to TSS, you can wear FLEX for up to 12 hours.

The FLEX subscription starts with a one-month free trial—you just pay $3.95 for shipping. So long as you don't cancel, you'll continue to receive a monthly set of 8 FLEX for $20.00 per month and free shipping.

Need more than 8? FLEX also offers a 24 pack subscription for $45.00 per month.

Shipping: US only. $3.95 for the free trial month. Free shipping each subsequent month.

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375062 woodlandreading med large
These are a great new product that work exactly as they say. I'm happy with the choice of subscriptions, the product and the price, as well as customer service.
on 7/20/2017