First Sip Brew Box

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First Sip Brew Box specializes creating a unique craft beer experience! We do not send alcohol to your house, we take it even further than just beer. Imagine getting a unique craft beer experience every month to share with your family and friends. You hear a knock on your door, the FedEx delivery professional drops off your First Sip Brew Box. You open it eagerly to see what unique craft beer swag you have that your friends don’t! You are met with a unique craft beer treat made fresh from Prohibition Pastries with the tasty beer from that brewery of the month. Now you continue your journey to find even more craft beer inspired items from all over the country; for example, craft beer pretzel mixes you can share with the family, getting clean with soap made from malts and hops and enjoying craft beer jelly! The possibilities are endless. Be the coolest family member or friend and get this as a gift for that person who enjoys craft beer and adventures! (Additional shipping charges for international shipping.)