Field To Cup Tea Discoverer Box
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Field To Cup Tea Discoverer Box


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Field to Cup is the only Tea Discovery service that sends you 5 high quality and delicious loose leaf teas to try every month (60-96 cups). There are many membership perks including 40% off every month from the teas in your box, 15% off all other items in their store and Free tea replacement for any tea you don't love. You'll also receive a Steeping Guide every month that gives you detailed preparation methods, expert tasting notes and more.

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Love my field to cup subscription. I originally got the discovery plus box but it was a lot of tea for me, I usually drink a cup a day, so I switched to the tea explorer. So far I've liked all the teas I get and I get emails to rate which I like so they can decide what to send me next month. It also comes with the little info page on each tea and how to brew it right. I look forward to my envelope every month!
on 6/13/2018
I previously reviewed this subscription. I have been unable to edit it or remove it. After working with Field to Cup for a few months they have changed their shipping process to a better, faster company. They have been updating their website as well. The tea has always been awesome, and continues to be great. I have to say that as soon as I get back to work this next month I will be changing my month to month subscription to a 3 month prepaid sub. I am so happy they were able to resolve their issues!
on 3/5/2018
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Buyer Beware! This used to be a great company, but the shipping process is a complete nightmare. This is the second month in a row my box has been "lost". Customer service takes several days and really has to be done by email, don't bother messaging them on Facebook unless you want to wait over a week for a reply. I prepaid for 6 months and I wish I hadn't! I'm still waiting to receive the box I already paid for on January 4th. At this point I'm probably just going to have to kiss the remaining 3 months worth of prepaid boxes goodbye. I have been outright lied to about how my boxes have been lost by my local post office which is complete bs because they never even left Florida, and I have lost all faith in this company. If you are going to subscribe, don't prepay for more than one month and be prepared to be completely frustrated.
on 2/1/2018
Signed up for the Tea Discovery Plus box after receiving a coupon from MySubscription Addiction. My first box was only $10 but then goes up to $25-$29 thereafter which I felt was a little pricey. The box far exceeded my expectations. A must have for every tea lover! Completely worth it. Great quality, clean teas plus I received a gorgeous aromatherapy oil! Still working my way through, but there's no way I'm canceling my subscription. As a Brit, it ignited my fire for great tea and I even bought a cute little teapot. In my box, I received: Green Tea, Toasted Treat (10g) Fruit Tea, Champagne Toast (10g) Black Tea, Caramel Creme (10g) Black Tea, Currants and Cacao (57g) Black Tea, Mexican Hot Chocolate (5g) Black Tea, Darjeeling Dream (5g) Green Tea, Cherry Rosebush, (10g) Rooibos Tea, Belgian (10g) Wellness Tea, Mindful Magic (10g) Black Tea, High Noon (10g) Sensual Aromatherapy oil Empty tea bags
on 2/6/2017
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I just received my first box and it shipped crazy fast in just two days! I only paid $10 for the Tea Discovery Plus box, with their discounts offered, and am amazed at what I got for the price. So first of all, I got this subscription because it's cheaper than Teavana and I figured I could gift a few of these teas to friends and family as stocking stuffers, but...turns out I'm definitely keeping at least one package for myself :) Treat yourself....right? I received: 1 2oz. sealed bag of Wellness Tea - Happy Day (idk how many cups of tea this makes but it really feels like a lot) 1 10g bag of Rooibos Tea - Organic Forest Chai 1 10g. bag of Wellness Tea - Stress Cure 1 10g. bag of Black Tea - Organic Irish Breakfast 1 10g. bag of Black Tea - Simply Cinnamon 1 10 g. bag of Green Tea - Organic Market Chai 1 10g. bag of Rooibos Tea - Organic Orange Creme 1 10g. bag of Black Tea - Organic Peppermint Zing 1 5g. bag of Sencha Tea - Cinnamon Orange 1 5g. bag of Fruit Tea - Organic Super Antioxidant Berries extras: card for 25% off next box card to introduce Field To Cup The teas came in a box, cutely packaged with striped string tying the outside of the box like a present. The inside of the lid lifts up to reveal tips on making the perfect cup of tea and each bag of tea also has specific instructions on how to brew each individual tea. It also gives neat ideas on differentiations of making the tea, like iced tea and cold brew! The individual bags also give caffeine content of each tea and describe each ingredient in the bag. BONUS: each customer gets to choose what tea they want in the 2oz big bag. I must say, I'm majorly impressed!! Most definitely will purchase again. These make fantastic gifts! I can't wait to taste each tea...well the ones I don't give away anyway :( Wish I could taste them all. However, how can anyone go wrong with loose leaf tea right? It's natural so....better than lipton for sure. 10/10!
on 12/3/2016