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Farm Momma is a monthly subscription box for fans of a homespun, farmhouse aesthetic. Each month's box contains an assortment of 5-10 home, kitchen, gift, and self-care products from small, handmade, and farm-themed suppliers. The box also includes information about their featured suppliers, so you can keep supporting the vendors you love.

Choose to get a one-time Farm Momma Box for $34.99, or save by subscribing ($26.24 for your first box and $31.49 for each subsequent box).

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I was really hoping to love this. It's a great premise. I was really disappointed by my items though. I got a tiny pumpkin and gourd, a very small bag, a couple of prints about the size of half a typical sheet of paper, and a tiny wreath. Oh and a bunch of holepunched paper leaves. Just a bunch of small random fall items. Oh a small wooden plaque that says "#PUMPKINS". Not one single item that I would actually want. I mean, yes, the teeny pumpkin n gourd I would buy, but I could get a whole bag full for 4 something at Walmart. I just put the entire thing in a drawer, I'll try to figure out what to do with it after my son goes down for a nap.
on 9/18/2017