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FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that sends you the latest in beauty and fashion, fitness, and wellness every season. Each box is guaranteed to have $200+ worth of full-sized product!

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    What is FabFitFun & how does it work?

  • FabFitFun ($49.99 per quarter) is a seasonal subscription box for women. Every 3 months, subscribers get a new assortment of full-size, on-trend beauty, home, style, and accessory finds worth over $200. FabFitFun features familiar brand names like Murad, BB Dakota, Kate Somerville, and Korres. Plus, all subscribers get to choose some of the items they receive in each box. (Annual subscribers get even more options!) FabFitFun even offers add-ons for up to 70% off.

    If you like discovering new brands, beauty products, and trends, this quarterly subscription box is a great pick. In fact, our readers named it their #1 subscription box for women in 2019!

    Right now, you can get $10 off your first monthly box! Just follow this link and use our code MSA10 (Still not sure if FabFitFun is right for you? We’ve got over four years worth of honest FabFitFun reviews to help you decide; you can browse those reviews above.)

    How much does FabFitFun cost?

  • FabFitFun costs $49.99 per quarter. (Note that this isn’t a monthly box—it only arrives four times a year.) Use code MSA10 and you’ll get $10 off your first box when you join here!

    You can also sign up for the annual plan, which costs $179.99 up front (and breaks down to $44.99 per box). Annual subscribers get the most customization options with each new box!

    What is the FabFitFun Editor’s Box?

  • If you sign up between FabFitFun Box seasons and the most recent box is sold out, your first box will be a FabFitFun Editor’s Box. Editor’s Boxes are just as thoughtfully curated as regular FabFitFun Boxes and are filled with full-size products, some of which may come from previous boxes. When you sign up, you’ll see which box you’re getting in your cart.

    Do you have a FabFitFun promo code or coupon?

  • We do! Follow this link and use code MSA10 to get $10 off your first seasonal box.

    You can also bookmark our FabFitFun coupon page to stay on top of all the latest FabFitFun promo codes, coupons, and deals!

    I want to know what’s in the next box! Where can I see FabFitFun spoilers?

  • We partner directly with FabFitFun to make sure our readers are the first to know what to expect in upcoming boxes!

    Bookmark this page to keep up with all the latest FabFitFun spoilers!

    What are FabFitFun add-ons & how do they work?

  • Add-ons include favorite items from previous FabFitFun boxes as well as notable new finds. FabFitFun members can purchase these items as add-ons for up to 70% off.

    A few things to know about FabFitFun add-ons:

    • - Only FabFitFun members can get add-ons.
    • - Even new members have the option to include add-ons with their first box.
    • - Annual subscribers (sometimes referred to as “Select Members” on the FabFitFun site) get first pick of the season’s add-ons!
    • - FabFitFun will notify you when the monthly add-on period is open. (We will, too! Just stay tuned to our FabFitFun News for updates.) Hop into your account to pick the add-ons you want before the period closes.
    • - Be fast! Quantities are limited, so log in to pick your items ASAP.
    • FabFitFun add-ons come with free shipping!

    Can I skip a season of FabFitFun if I want?

  • Yes! Head to the My Subscription and Orders page of your account to easily skip a season of FabFitFun without having to fully cancel.

    How do I cancel FabFitFun?

  • First, make sure you’re cancelling before your next bill date to avoid unwanted charges!
    Log in to your FabFitFun account.
    Head to the My Subscription and Orders page.
    Choose the Cancel option. (Note, you can also choose to “Skip” your next box, if you’re unsure if you want to fully cancel.)

    Keep in mind, annual subscription cancelations don’t go into effect until after your annual term ends. There are no cancelation fees, but know that you won’t get paid or pending charges refunded with your cancelation.

    Want more details? Check out this page of the FabFitFun FAQs for the most up to date information.


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I really wanted to like it but too many issues. The products sometimes are great but the delivery and accessibility is a downer. I’ve had horrendous experiences with ordering hundreds of dollars of add ons and got damaged merchandise. It took me weeks of emailing and complaining to get minimal service. It’s just a hassle and I like BoxyCharm & Ipsy better because they have bette4 customer service.
on 9/21/2019
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Best box ever! You get at least 8 items and they are worth over200 dollars ! I always liove at least half of items if not all of them and the edit sales are amazing!! I cannot believe the nonsense people complain about!
on 8/27/2019
No Photo
I was a member couple of years ago and cancelled as I started to get products that were for no use. I tried it again for summer 2019 editor’s box and fall box, and the results were more disappointing then ever. It is not worth the money except for one or maybe two items in the box and it’s so random when it comes to curating for each season. I am gonna cancel.
on 8/24/2019
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This box has gone steadily downhill and at this point is one of the worst consumer experiences ever. Let's start with the curation--way too many of the same types of items over and over. Clothing items that don't come in multiple sizes and wouldn't fit anyone outside of the 6-12 range. People who live in warm climate receive bulky scarves and gloves with no choice. Most of the items are made in China and area cheap, flimsy, and in some cases dangerous. They continued to ship a French Press that exploded and injured a number of people even after these injuries were reported to them. They drastically overstate the value of items--vinyl tote bags are listed as worth hundreds of dollars. Low quality skincare items (which are often shipped expired) are listed at more than the retail value. The boxes aren't worth the hundreds of dollars they claim, more like $40 total. The shipping is deplorable. From taking months to receive items after they are paid for to getting the wrong items or damaged items, their shipping is atrocious. They ship a single mascara in a box large enough to pack a sleeping bag in. The customer service is the worst. If you don't get your entire shipment they want you to jump through hoops and send photos of the items you didn't get. Let that sink in for a minute. They repeatedly lie to the consumer. If you dispute your credit card for charges they made for items that they don't ship for months or ship defective and refuse to replace, they cancel your account immediately. They are an extremely unfriendly to the consumer. They are not a company I would ever recommend, and I can't wait for my annual subscription to be up so I can walk away from them forever. In two words, they suck.
on 8/24/2019
No Photo
I have been an annual subscriber fro three years. I will not be renewing this winter. The Shipping is deplorable. I am still waiting on an item to ship that was paid for in early July. I am constantly fed mistruths that it is "processing" and will "ship soon". My missing item is a mystery bundle which is curated by Fabfitfun them selves so there should be no delay but it has now been processing for shipping for 24 days! My summer 2019 edit sale purchases were 8 items in total. I received six of the items in three separate shipments in giant boxes with loads of plastic and paper filler. It has left me with a very poor take on how FFF views environmental issues. I only found out that my final missing item was out of stock when I took the initiative to contact their Customer service. They told me that one item was oversold (but they still took my money!). Customer service promises to follow-up but they don't. They tell you "can we sent you an email within a day" but they never do. Customer Service is in the Philippines and although they try there best there is a complete disconnect between them and the warehouse in Chino, California. CS has no clue what is actually in stock or going on. CS consistently over promises and under delivers. It is such a shame as two years ago I would have raved about Fabfitfun's CS now I find them misguided and uninformed. They don't even read inquiries properly before responding with cut and paste answers that do not answer or address the problem you have contacted them about. Within the past three weeks I have spoken to 6 customer service agents and 5 of them gave me incorrect of completely false information. Their online community or forum used to be a fun place to connect with others but the recent bulling by fellow members and the perceived bias of some of the FFF staff to certain member groups is both ongoing and evident. The FFF staff hide any unflattering comments or concerns in a section of the forum called "constructive criticism" and this section is hidden to most users unless the actively go into their profiles and click a box to make it appear. The FFF staff use the guise of "rules" to try to make the forum a place that is nothing but a gushy, happy place that spews nothing but how wonderful FFF is. The have implemented new community rules where sarcasm, and 'conspiracy theories' are not allowed and their staff actively troll the community deleting items without justification or rationale because they deem them to be hurtful or unflattering instead of addressing the issues. Recent boxes feel haphazard and thrown together and several of the products appear in other sub boxes at the same time dispute FFF's claim that they are "curated" a year in advance. An example of this it the Generation Clay products which I received in three different subs at the same time with FFF being one of them. Retail prices are heavily overinflated, especially when it comes to their own in-house brands of Summer and Rose, XO Sienna, Chic and Tonic and ISH. Most of their inhale brands are made in China too. I did not join FFF to have them pad my subscription box with even one of their in-house brands and find it shameful that they do so. With all the negativity surrounding them currently I would suggest that anyone considering becoming a member proceed with caution. This was a great company and subscription box but currently they are are a hot mess. I do hope they get their act together as I would hate to see them go the way of Loot Crate. In short, lease spend your money wisely and carefully here.
on 8/18/2019
Would not recommend fabfitfun. It used to be a fantastic company, then they started huge mass campaigns on youtube and all forms of social media. They used, at times MASSIVE discounts to entice new subscribers, and did not honor their promises to longtime subscribers who paid nearly $200 upfront to be annuals. Starting approximately Spring of 2019, they had trouble with add-ons, sometimes taking months to get them. At the same time, they shipped new customers their discounted boxes before most of the annual members boxes. Then the Spring edit both started taking over 2 months to receive, this was followed by the Summer box fiasco whereby they "lost" nearly 500 annual member invoices and it took them over 2 months to get their boxes, but by the time they shipped them, most of the popular add-ons were now out of stock. They were seen publicizing an influencer/celebrity event where many of the so-called out of stock items were given away-- a huge slap in the face to people who had waited and waited and then were told these things were now out of stock. While some people were still waiting for their summer boxes, they closed the wherehouse for about 10 days and started the Summer edit sale. They promised things would be better, but again people are still awaiting their edit items, many have been told that now what they ordered is out of stock or else have been sent substitutions they did not order. Then the fall box-- a poorly curated box that started with a choice item being removed from the choices and an additional "mystery" item replacing it-- this after the Spring and summer mystery item fiascos, In their greed to get more and more subs, they can no longer ship ontime, nor can they seem to fulfill their add-on orders-- for at least 4 sales and boxes, they have published a list of things now OOS, after the sale closed and people had already ordered them, followed by more hold-ups and OOS items. So good if you are buying a single discounted box, bad if you paid for a annual sub as you will be treated like a 2nd class citizen, especially if you order a ton of add-ons which will hold your box up while they see if their is anything left AFTER the fulfilled the new subs orders. They really need to stop sending boxes to influencers, stop giving discounts to get more subs, and start taking care of their long-term customers, many of which are either cancelling their resubs or at least giving some serious thought to it. I am one who is now done with FFF.
on 8/17/2019
In order to make FabFitFun worth your while you really need to become an annual subscriber because if you do not you will more than likely end up disappointed. Add On Sales can be hit or miss as most items sell out quickly before the sale even opens up to seasonal subscribers. It is easy to cancel and you still get your same benefits as an annual subscriber. I will not be resubscribing however because the months have been hit and miss.
on 8/16/2019
No Photo
I would NOT recommend FabFitFun. They exaggerate the value of their products. I purchased a box, but after realizing I would only use 1 or 2 items out of the several, I canceled my account less than 24 hours later. Their policy is to NOT offer refunds, so they shipped out a box of items I don't want/won't use a MONTH later, THEN canceled my future orders. Unacceptable return policy. I chatted online requesting a refund, they said they would refund if I return the box. They said they'd email me a return label...they didn't.
on 8/15/2019
No Photo
I absolutely LOVE FabFitFun ! I love the add on sales and the value of the boxes are incredible! The box is always worth over 200 dollars.. I have tried so many different products and different brands that I would have never tried if it wasn’t for FabFitFun.. my box always was accurate and who cares if it’s a week late! Some people just have to complain about anything.. This is hands down the best box !
on 8/13/2019
FFF confuses me to be honest. I started of with the Summer Editors box in July 2018 that had the FOREO fofo, that box was absolutely amazing. Then I resigned up for the SUMMER 2019 box, with the 111skin face masks. I LOVED that box, not only was the value of my box over $440 but I am actually using every single item from the box. short reviews of the products I got: Sutra travel hair dryer, $60 - I got a mini hair dryer in BoxyLuxe, so chose this option so my daughters could each have their own hair dryer - no fighting! it is a powerful little thing, and has two speeds plus cones with a concentrating nozzle and a diffuser. I wish it also came with a bag to store it in. it has the option to choose the voltage you need, which is really nice. and it is the perfect size for little hands to be able to dry their own hair. it does get quite hot though. 111 Skin Rose Gold Face Masks, $160 - these face masks are luxury af. they feel so decadent when you use them. the box has 5 masks, and I use one sheet mask per week, its winter here, and these masks are a treat for my dry dehydrated skin. as much as i am loving these masks, the price makes it prohibitive for me to purchase it again, so i really do appreciate having recieved them in a box that only cost me fifty dollars. Jennifer Zeuner double star necklace, $50 - this is a really pretty and dainty piece of jewelry. I will use it in summer when I start wearing thinner and lighter clothing, as it does not really go with thick Jersey type clothes. Eyeko Black Eyeliner, $22 - this felt tip eyeliner seems nice, appears like it would work for a good, clean application. looks like it will allow for a fierce flick and cat eye application. right now I am using a shisheido brush type liner, which I adore and after I want to try the Surrat one, it's just a personal preference that I prefer brush tips to felt tips in my eyeliner pens. that said, I managed to sell this item very easily. I know i did have the choice to take the frizz cream, but as i pay to have my box forwarded to South Africa, it would have put my box weight up and so increased my shipping costs for an item that my hair does not really need. I do wish I opted for the mystery item though, Coola SPF30 setting spray, $36 - keeping this to use in summer as it is the only setting spray I own that has an spf included. i have tried it already to see how it works. the mist is nice and fine allowing me to get an even application, it dries down well and extended my face make up wear time nicely. I still have not found a setting spray that helps my eye shadow as I have hooded eyes, so unless I using mahron, my eyeshadow always migrates and after 5 hours has faded somewhat. Invisibobble duo pack, $16 - a set of 3 clear and 3 nude hair bands. these are one or the few bands that actually do hold my thin and fine hair, my hair is super straight, and other hair bands create a kink in my hair, these do not. they are a bit iffy to take out of the hair simply because they grip it so well so you cant just tug it out like softer hair bands. I slip my finger under the band and then slide it down until it is out of my hair. when it has stretched out a bit, i simply pour some boiling water over it and it goes back to normal. the clear ones are slightly softer than the nude shade ones. Whish exfoliating foot mask, $32 - this is a really nice foot treatment, reminds me of the Glytone one, but not as harsh. I apply this before bed, put socks on over and go to sleep. in the morning I rinse my feet and noticed that they were definitely softer, more moisturized and slightly smoother. I think regular use will show a good result, my feet are very dry and peeling right now, so this treatment is perfect for me now. my 11 year old also uses it and enjoys how it makes her feet feel. just a fyi, we use a glove to apply, and only apply it to the under part of our feet, the sole and not to the top. Grace and Stella Rose facial spray, $25.95 - this is a huge bottle. we really like the rose scent when using this spray. it is very refreshing and this bottle should last a decent time with regular use. I apply it after washing and drying my face, before my serums to add a boost of moisture which my dehydrated skin can never get enough of. Generation Clay purple brightening mask, $39 - this was the item I thought I would not use, as I avoid clay based masks, but i actually enjoy this mask. applied in a thin layer it helps to dry out any pimples i may have, and makes my pores feel cleaned out without overly drying my face like most other clay based masks do. and the shade is such a pretty purple that becomes lighter as I dries, and I can actually see the areas it has pulled our excess oil from my face. I do follow this with a moisture mask, To conclude, while the Fall FabFitFun was a massive let down *For Me* , the summer box was an absolute winner. I also appreciate how easy it was for me to cancel my subscription after seeing the fill spoiler line up before I was charged. I did have a look through the add ons, to see if I could still make it worth my while to get the fall box, but as per usual, all the good stuff was already out of stock by the time it opened to seasonal subscriber. My summer box had an actual value of $440.95 and only one item I am not using myself, but still got value out of that item as I managed to sell it very easily.
on 8/10/2019