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"A subscription box filled with good wholesome handmade products and artisan finds to spoil you. We strive to provide our subscribers with natural and organic bath and beauty products designed to pamper your body from head to toe. We are also proud to include in our boxes artisan crafts and goods and treats. All of your items will come meticulously wrapped and packaged in simple recycled and recyclable containers and boxes. You will be delighted every time you open your box to find 7 to 10 items carefully searched for and lovingly packed in your box."

October 24, 2017
I just got my first mini box. I have to say my expectations where low for this box but I was surprised. The containers used are cheap but I care more about whats inside them. The box was wrapped nicely came with a card saying what all is inside. The products smelled sooo good! I got this orange soap that I'm excited to try it smelled wonderful. I also got a bath bomb called death by chocolate looks nice excited to try that as well. My favorite so far is this body whip scrub cream that is sugar coffee. I'm not one to like the smell of coffee in my products but it was a very good balance with the sugar smell and it works! Not to mention how good it feels. I tried just a teensy bit on my hand I love the feel of it. It's so lightweight. I also for a few other products like bubble bath and lotion both smell good. I will defenetly use the bubble bath. I'm not really into putting on lotion even tho this one smells real nice I might just give it to someone who does. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised at the products it didn't take me long to get my box in from when they shipped. I'm excited to give most of my products a try!
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