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All of Everyday Happy’s kits include products that are completely free of the carcinogenic compounds often found in popular brands, as guaranteed by our raw material suppliers and manufacturers. The Diaper Care Kit starts at $79.95 and the Family Care Kit starts at $35.95

August 2, 2015
What a lousy company name for such a disappointing experience. There is nothing "free" about this company's "free trial." I ordered Everyday Happy's "free" product kit and paid the $9.95 shipping charge because I genuinely wanted to try their products and thought $9.95 seemed reasonable to try them. I received the shipment on Friday, July 24th and was under the impression I had 7 days (July 31) to try the products and cancel if I was no longer interested. First of all, the samples sent were tiny and the quality was definitely not worth the amount they charge for their products. By the 3rd day, I knew I was not interested in continuing any sort of membership and began trying to contact customer service in order to cancel. Everyday Happy's website makes cancellation sound very simple. "All cancellations can be made through phone or email. If you have any feedback for us, we’re always eager to listen." Sounds easy, right? WRONG. I tried calling customer service three times and was unable to get through although I was on hold over 15 minutes each time. I also sent emails advising of my intention to cancel this membership. I never got any sort of confirmation email or phone call from Everyday Happy. On Thursday (Day 6) I received a shipping confirmation stating my bundle was on it's way so AGAIN I attempted to call customer service and AGAIN was unable to get through. I sent another email advising I am not interested in this service. This morning- Friday (Day 7) my credit card was charged $157. I called customer service yet again but this time actually got through and was told there was no record of any cancellation email and that somehow their records show I received my package on Thursday the 23rd. The customer service agent said they are unable to stop the shipment at this point and that I would have to refuse the shipment from UPS when it arrives. She also stated I would have to pay $20 for the return. I asked her to clarify what she was saying to me several times because I could not understand how this "order" could be processed and shipped already when I still have 1 day to cancel AND now I will be charged $20 for a "return" on something that should not be shipping in the first place. Instead of clarifying, she just kept reading off the same exact paragraph over and over again. This has been a total fiasco and I have a feeling it is only beginning. I am very upset and shocked that any company would treat customers like this. I would NEVER recommend anyone deal with Everyday Happy.
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