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"Meet Emma&Chloé:

Emma&Chloé began introducing up-and-coming French jewelry designers to the women of Europe four years ago. Now, we are delivering straight to the doors of women all across America!

Become a member and receive a unique, high-quality jewelry piece by one of France’s hottest independent designers every month, complete with certificate of authenticity, an Emma&Chloé travel pouch and our monthly French lifestyle magazine, La Gazette."

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    What is Emma&Chloe?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "Emma&Chloe is the only company bringing the creations of independent, up-and-coming jewelry designers from France to the US. Each month, you’ll receive a new piece of jewelry with a retail value of $50–$200 according to your preferred color options (gold, silver or surprise) and earring style when applicable (post or clip-on), as well as a certificate of authenticity, an Emma&Chloé protective travel pouch and our monthly lifestyle magazine, La Gazette."

    Is Emma&Chloe worth it?

  • Emma&Chloe is worth it if you prefer “quality over quantity,” love discovering new designers and enjoy wearing unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

    How much does Emma&Chloe cost?

  • By-the-month subscriptions are $35/month, with discounts given when you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. A 12-month subscription is $348, a $72 savings.

    When doe Emma&Chloe ship?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "Boxes are typically shipped on the first week of every month from our US warehouse, and generally arrive between the 5th and 15th depending on your location. For new subscribers, you will receive the box for the the month in which your first order was placed."

    How do I reach Emma&Chloe customer service?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "You may reach Emma&Chloe customer service directly at [email protected] and will receive a response within 48 hours."

    How do I unsubscribe from Emma&Chloe?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "To unsubscribe, simply send an email to [email protected] prior to the end of your current subscription."

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I have had a horrible experience. I signed up for a free box and the box didn't ship until I contacted customer service. They charged me on the day they responded and would not let me cancel due to not receiving my first month. They refused to refund my money and I can't believe the customer service and horrible business practices. There are so many other subscription boxes that are truly worth the money and have excellent customer service. (And most of them are a lot less money!)
on 8/13/2019
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Buyer beware, they consider their job finished the moment the box ships and not when it actually deliver. Awful experience, will never buy again.
on 8/2/2019
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....I have also cancelled after the three months subscription - not worth the money!
on 2/13/2019
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Looks are deceiving! I subscribed in December to receive the ring and bracelet combo and can say upon receipt- I was disappointed in the quality- light weight tin and lightly dipped in silver. It felt cheap and light on the finger and wrists. The design was great, but the quality felt cheap and lightweight. The January ring was stunning, and felt solid on the finger. This surprise box was worthy of the Emmaand Chloe marketing sprew! Looking forward to February’s necklace for its design, and hope it’s does not feel cheap. The $35 Canadian dollars add up for “hit and miss” surprise boxes. In the end, I would rather save up and buy quality design by Tiffany’s, or French jewelry by Redline, Gigi Clozeau, or get the OuiPlease subbox.
on 2/13/2019
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The customer service forEmma & Chloe is a joke. They refuse to give you an answer to your issue. I signed up in September and I got the earrings. Definitely I didn’t like them. I wrote to them to cancel my membership. They immediately charged me for the October 2018 box. They did not deliver this box till Mid December 2018. They sent me the long flower necklace in silver plating. All their pictures are of this necklace in gold. I wrote no more than four emails to customer service that I was unhappy. They sent me nothing but gibberish from customer service with no resolution to my inquiry. The necklace is really bad looking in silver. I don’t recommend this box at all.
on 1/11/2019
They took a month to ship, and only did so after I filed a PayPal dispute. I asked to cancel multiple times and they didn't bother responding...just kept my money and shipped it only after I took heavier measures than contacting customer service. Never again.
on 9/14/2018
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Buyer beware! These people charged me for another yearly subscription that I cancelled long ago & wont refund my money! Scammers!
on 5/10/2018
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I ordered my first Emma&Chloe box for my mother 3 years ago. That was the perfect idea and I have been a member since that time. Love all their jewelry!
on 4/3/2018
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I really love this box! It is m my only jewelry subscription because the pieces are go glamorous, beautiful and high quality. i did have a problem with a promo code, contacted the seller and Emma manually made the adjustment. I have loved every piece except 1 and have purchased extra pieces from their site. I would prefer 1 high-end piece of jewelry to 3 pieces of nondescript cheap stuff. I am a fan and highly recommend this box.
on 4/1/2018
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Charged my account twice in November and December and have not received my Jewelry blamed post office in November and now blame Cratejoy I have the emails to prove it keep saying it’s shipped but will not provide a tracking number even did the old bait and switch where they said in November they where sending me $50 worth of jewelry now they are saying I’m a new member been a member since September this place is fraud wont let me cancel my credit card
on 12/20/2017