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ElementaryBox is a monthly teacher gift box with something for the students, classroom, and teacher. Teachers can subscribe themselves or someone can gift a teacher. Each box includes a class set of incentive items for the students; like stickers, fun pencils or erasers, bookmarks, etc., an educational resource for the classroom; such as a game, puzzle, learning activity, etc., a personalized gift for the teacher; for example a monogrammed tumbler, clipboard, notebook, etc., as well as teacher tips and shared ideas.

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Literally the worst subscription service ever. I have answered surveys about my packages (which have never arrived this month) and reached out to them on their contact page too. I messaged them on Facebook and told them it was UNREAL how bad this was getting and then they blocked me. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!! As far as I can tell they have taken the person who subscribed to this services money and haven't delivered on what they promised. SCAM.
on 2/15/2018