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Every Eco Emi box includes five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian or Fair Trade products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly packaging. US subscriptions are $15 a month, International subscriptions are $38.

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I just went on their website and was able to sign up for their random box. They cancelled most of their subscription boxes except for the one random box. So I dont think this should show cancelled. Anyone else still subscribed?
on 4/21/2015
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Isn't their variety box still available? They cancelled my subscription but other people still seem to be subscribed so I am confused.
on 4/18/2015
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I've been subscribing to the regular Eco Emi box for the past three months. I'm ending my subscription to it after this month because it is not for me. They had one decent product that I really liked each month, but most of the products I would never use and ended up throwing away. This month, I received a cream concealer that is completely dried up; I'm not sure if that is the manufacturer's fault or the fault of Eco Emi. This box is too snack-centric for me. I wouldn't mind getting one or two good snacks per box, but in one month, I received about 5 different small snack items, none of which I would be interested in even trying. Right now (as of Jan. 2015) their website is pretty awful and uninformative, but that will be remedied soon. TL;DR This box is not for me, but is for someone who likes a variety of things (beauty and bath products, cleaning products, food items, etc.). They do however, have a great mission; I love that all of the products are (supposedly) eco-friendly and fair trade.
on 1/25/2015
Eco Emi comes in a no-frills postal box, wrapped inside with tissue paper. While they are primarily a spa/beauty box, they normally include other household items and food as well. I have had excellent customer service with them and they always introduce me to new exciting small businesses that are eco-friendly. Now, I do feel that if you are looking *solely* for an eco beauty box this one is dwarfed by Saffron Rouge. But if you're open to a box with a mix of products, you may be pleasantly happily with Eco Emi and I recommend them!
on 4/18/2014
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One of my favorite boxes, I find a new must-have product every month and the vast majority of the brands featured in this box are from small, independent businesses. The samples are typically generous, range from beauty products to organic food treats, and the box is always beautifully packaged and shipped securely. If I had to choose just ONE beauty/personal box, it would be Eco-Emi. It's like receiving a lovely care package from your BFF every month.
on 2/26/2014
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Just not impressed!
on 9/27/2013