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"Eattiamo boxes are delivered monthly, straight to the door of every American foodie who loves Italian food. It contains Italian traditional food made by artisanal producers that otherwise would not be able to sell outside their comfort zone. Eattiamo boxes are themed each month on a different concept: the first one is called “A dinner in 5 terre” because it is inspired to the Italian Riviera, where the particular microclimate, the soil and the passion of the producers, that grow most of their crops on terraces carved on the rocks facing the seaside, blend together bringing to life unique products. It contains 7 full-size products from the appetizer to the dessert, for an entire dinner serving four people. In addition to that, inside the box you can find postcards that will show the characteristics of the products and of the main ingredients that compose them, and some advice to taste them at their best. Moreover, you can find some sheets depicting the territory and the stories behind the producers for a virtual and tasty trip to Italy. Eattiamo boxes are curated by our gourmet, graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy."

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