Earth's Healing Boxes

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Each month, our Certified Aromatherapist team chooses 3 Therapeutic grade essential oils along with detailed recipe cards, so that you can easily turn your oils into blends you will use every day. These oils will be chosen based on the time of the year, the availability of exceptional oils, and oils will be chosen that can work well together. Included in your box you will also find an essential oil blend that you will be able to use instantly and effectively. This blend could be in the form of a salve, roll-on, spray or one of the hundreds of ways that essential oils can be blended. And it comes with a card detailing the history, usage and recipe for your blend. Each month we will include a surprise gift that will vary greatly month to month. This could consist of the equipment you may need to complete a recipe, a Far-East item, or an extra bottle of essential oil; the sky is the limit when it comes to your surprise gift each month. Each recipe card can be cut to fit easily into a small photo album in which you will be able to make your very own essential oil recipe book.

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