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"Driftaway Coffee founders believe that tasting is the only way to know if you love a coffee. So, instead of prescribing a coffee for you, they personalize every delivery to the your taste. It all starts with a tasting kit of 4 different coffees then the remaining coffees are personalized to your taste. Driftaway Coffee is freshly roasted coffee, personalized to your taste and delivered to your door." Plans range from $12 for 7 oz to 32 oz for $34, with their most popular plan being 11 oz for $16. Your first month (the Tasting Kit) is always $16.

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I've had this subscription box for most of the past two years. (I paused it last summer because I don't drink as much coffee during the warmer months.) I'm finally coming to the realization that there have been very few coffees that they've sent that I've actually really liked. At first, I thought I must be doing something wrong, but the fact is, most of what they send just isn't good. There have been a few standouts over the past two years, but there is no way to re-order those when you find them.
on 9/8/2019