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DollarScent is a monthly subscription service for Premium Car Air Fresheners. Each month we deliver your chosen Air-Fresheners straight to your door. Upgrade/Downgrade plans and change scents anytime! They are made in the U.S.A and are eco-friendly.

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I hate leaving reviews and I hate the trees, they are boring and smell like gas-stations. Plus in the winter I hate driving and paying to make my car smell ok for a few days. This on the other hand delivered my my own chosen bunch of fresheners and they consistently make my car smell amazing. Try the Sport and Mr.Fresh, these are golden aromas! There are so many useless subscriptions out there, but this is the first automotive one I have seen specifically for your car. However, I even hung one in my office and in the bathroom at home LOL Overall, they are not headachy strong and smell organic.
on 3/17/2016
Saw this on instagram and signed up for the Free trial. I liked the Mr. Fresh scent and the vanilla so I immediately logged back in and switched all my air fresheners to those. Ive been receiving the three pack for the past 4 months and its great. Soon as my air fresheners run out, a new pack comes in the mail. A must for me. My kids and my dog make it impossible to keep my car smelling decent. With this service so far its been keeping it smelling great = )
on 3/15/2016