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Dinnerly is a meal kit delivery subscription curated by the team behind Marley Spoon.

You can choose a box that serves 2 or 4 people per meal, and receive 3, 4, or 5 recipes per week.

Menus for each week are posted on the Dinnerly site. Dinnerly meals will feature quality ingredients like antibiotic chicken and free range ground beef to make family favorite meals like spaghetti with sausage meatballs and pan roasted chicken. Each recipe is $4.99 per person, has six ingredients, and will only take 30 minutes to make.

Dinnerly currently delivers to most of the contiguous US.

Shipping: $8.99

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I have tried many meal subscription services and Dinnerly is my favorite. with only 2 adults in the home, traditional cooking almost always means wasted leftovers. For the price, Dinnerly is the best value around. You can't eat McDonalds for $5 a person...with Dinnerly you get a home cooked meal for $5. Their customer service is outstanding. My FedEx delivery guy was leaving my boxes on the porch of an abandoned nearby home and every week I called Dinnerly to complain my box had not been delivered and I was promptly given a refund. Once we got it figured out, things are now back on track but they were amazing in handling my complaint. The meal selections are simple with ingredients most people will readily eat. I love Dinnerly and have been a weekly subscriber for many months now.
on 11/25/2019
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Dinnerly is awful! Tries them for the first time and man are first impressions bad. The box came damaged (not necessarily Dinnerly's fault) and looks like it was shook around during transit as the contents were mixed together. Some ingredients were missing, like the broccoli for our cheesy broccoli...and the capers for our lemon caper sauce. We even got one ingredient that wasn't in either of our recipes...odd. We got a single foccacia roll...very odd. So I started up a help chat...and their reaction to all of this? "Oh I'm sorry, that shouldnt have happened." No refund or offer to mail me my missing ingredients. Im sorry Dinnerly, you lost us. Good luck in the future.
on 7/4/2018