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Aug 15, 2020
I got my first box recently and the quality was amazing, but unfortunately I couldn't keep anything out of it. I was able to send everything back very easily. I was also able to give notes to my stylist for a better 2nd box (which I've already ordered!). I'm excited to see what's to come.
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Apr 1, 2020
I really like Dia & Co as it has really cute clothes and fun stylists. They did send me stripes when I asked for them not to. In a recent email they said they are not opening the option to do a virtual session with stylist so maybe that is the direction to go. I do feel like many times their prices are high...but maybe I am just frugal. lol. I have bought a cute maxi dress, sweater, jeans and more. I think it is hard for stylists to guess what we want, even with our feedback and pinning posts in the community to show what we like. Sometimes when we are actually trying things on in our homes, we may not care for an item we liked in their forum. There are times when I want to buy the whole box for the discount alone, but there will be one item or two items that I know I will never use so I don't take advantage of that deal. (This last box they sent in a wristlet with a great price of maybe $15...but it just was really plain and stiff and I would not use it. I appreciated the fact that they sent something in my price range.) I do save things to pinterest board and I think that is so helpful. The longer you work with a stylist, the more comfortable they are with your own style. Let's face it: we are all picky! Shipping and returns: easy, and terrific!!! Customer service is excellent!!!
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Oct 31, 2019
Out of three boxes, I kept NOTHING! Three stylists ignored my preferences, with exception to color. Poor quality and over priced. Out of three boxes, only one piece looked like me and it was way too big and poor quality. Don't waste your time and money.