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This monthly food subscription box sends you 10-15 delicious foods to try with each delivery. Expect a fun assortment of full-sized snacks and grocery goodies.

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I just got an email saying they were stopping sending boxes. I have emailed to see if they are refunding money! Also the email did NOT hide email addresses of everyone they sent it on which is just horrible business practice. Hoping to hear from them I will update here if I do. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE
on 2/18/2019
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I've been subscribing since March - my experience with the customer service and shipping is that they are excellent - much better than any other box I subscribe to. I do think they are a little overpriced for the value of the box, as there is usually at least one or two items that I end up giving away. Usually I like the mix - unusual products I would never try otherwise and the everyday - less jerky and jello please. My husband loves this box, and looks forward to it. My cat believes that I subscribe just so that she can get a new box to sleep in.
on 9/5/2017
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I've gotten this box about 4 months now and I like it. You never know what you're going to get, but that is fun for me. I don't always like everything, of course, but I can always give food to a pantry or friend. I try new things with this box, that I either haven't seen or haven't felt like buying without knowing if I'd like it. There is usually a wide variety of products, some pantry, some snacks, and some to be cooked.
on 7/20/2017
I forgot to mention in my other review my experience with customer service....It's eh. I'd ask why my friend got the item promised in the spoilers and I didn't, but I'd just get a basic "sorry!" I emailed them to cancel my account because I'm moving and they told me they could pause it. I told them not to pause, but continue with the cancel because I'm not sure when in April or May I'm moving and would rather just resub in, but they wouldn't let me and paused my account for a few months. It's a great sub for the value if you love any and all food but the amount of items I won't use or end up tasting disgusting is a real put off.
on 4/6/2017
B : This box is so hit or miss it's frustrating. Maybe that's just because I'm a picky eater? But a lot of the food ends up in my swap pile. It would be nice if there was a way for subscribers to pick and choose from selections, like a "build a box" maybe? Or at least choose the flavor of an item they get (ex: being sent a peanut butter bar while others are sent a chocolate one I'd rather eat etc.). ----------Some of the products don't make sense to me. I thought this was a food box why am I getting cough drops? Last month I was sent a pizza crust without any other box items that would work for it so I had to go out and buy more food just to be able to use it. ---------- As well, it seems like they really don't care about finding out if a food is even good before sending it. Multiple times I've gotten items that I've been excited about only to taste them and be appalled. Then I'd give it to someone else in my household only for them to say the same thing (and they aren't picky eaters!). I appreciate Degustabox trying to include health food but it needs to be yummy too! ---------- Any time I see spoilers on MSA for them, I never get everything that's shown. I'll get half the items and then some other randoms, which makes choosing whether to sub in or out difficult. At least it's a decent price but I'm looking for other boxes now.
on 4/6/2017