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"Are you like me? I love getting goodies in the mail and I love so many different types of crafts! That's why I created the $10 Fabric Club! Each month I send you... 4 pieces of fabric (each being at least 18”x22”) A piece work pattern (perfect for quilts) A sample card of yarn or ribbon It's an incredible deal, valued at over $25!"

June 19, 2019
This is a great box for someone who doesn't mind spending hours on Pinterest researching project ideas or someone who is new to silks and wants to play with some without spending a ton of money. I received my first box June, 2019. I received four fat quarters (18" x 21") of silk in four different beautiful colors (brown, dark purple, gold and mauve). I also received a quilt block pattern and a sampler card. The fabric itself was gorgeous, but not perfect. Perfection, however, was not expected since the silk is reclaimed from saris. I noticed some snags, slugs and one or two spots (stains or discoloration?). The imperfections were minor. The big question is: what do I do with four fat quarters of silk? Do I want to use the enclosed pattern and make quilt blocks and end up with a silk quilt? Is silk a good material for a quilt? Maybe make decorative pillows? Handbag? An accessory? I am sure there are a lot of decorative things and accessories that can be made out of the silk (a quick google search reveals lots of adorable craft ideas). As for me, I enjoy sewing clothes more than accessories and home decor stuff. I would enjoy this subscription more if I could get a larger cut. However, looking on the bright side, this is a great opportunity to make some cute silk flower embellishments for my next dress.
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