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Darby Smart To DIY For Box is a bi-monthly craft and DIY subscription box for tweens. Each box will include: all the craft supplies you need, step-by-step instructions and inspirational project photos.

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As I life-long crafter I thought this would be a great way to try out new crafts - I was wrong. The first box was great, but after a few months, I lost interest. Some projects were pretty neat, others were total disappointments. I didn't like how inconsistent they were in terms of complexity. For example one month the project took me several days to complete, while the next month's craft took all of 5 minutes to put together. I also didn't like that the instructions weren't included in the kit; you have to go to the Darby Smart website for the how-tos. Early on you used to be able to comment/review the month's project on their website, but at some point, they phased that out. I think they didn't like people's honest feedback.
on 12/30/2016
Much like everyone else here, not impressed at all. More like Darby Stupid.
on 7/27/2015
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Not impressed. I got two skeins of embroidery floss and some gridded plastic sheets to do needlepoint... worth the $9 intro price, but I would have been upset if that cost me $19.
on 3/23/2015
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In order to find the box on the site you need to go to "gifts" at the bottom of the page. There are two boxes TO DIY FOR and Darby Girl. Both are $19, but the first is generic, and the second is geared towards teens and is bimonthly not monthly. They partnered with Girls' Life for it.
on 2/17/2015
So far I have only received one box. I signed up for three, got an email that the second one was coming, got an email that the third one is coming... still no second or third box. I was underwhelmed with the first one to be honest. I will not re-subscribe.
on 1/25/2015
I was not so impressed with this box, I got my very first one today. It included a 4oz skein of mega bulky merino yarn and a lion brand bon bon yarn skein. I was instructed to finger crochet a scarf and add yarn tassels on the ends. I am going to redo mine in hopes of making it look better and I'm going to use a different yarn for the tassels. I guess I feel that for the price I paid for my subscription my project should be more involved.
on 12/16/2014
I just signed up for this. When I went to the site it asked for my email address and then gave me a coupon code (WELCOME1) for $10 off, so my first box is only going to cost $9.
on 9/28/2014
Darby Smart and Darby Girl are two separate subscriptions. Darby Girl is bi monthly and the To DIY For is monthly.
on 9/14/2014
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The cost of this box is currently $19 a month.
on 8/7/2014
The box is $19 a month not $12.
on 7/9/2014