DAILYLOOK is a personal styling service for women that sends you 6-10 hand-selected items each month curated by your own personal stylist and tailored to your style profile. You keep the items you want and return the rest back within 5 business days; shipping is free! Currently styling for sizes 0-12, XS-L and waist size 24-32.

The Basics

  • $40 per month
  • Ships to US
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Featured Review: DAILYLOOK Clothing Subscription Review + Coupon - June 2019

Review for DAILYLOOK Clothing Subscription Review + Coupon - June 2019
Christen Russo profile picture by Christen Russo on June 18, 2019

Check out our review of the June 2019 DAILYLOOK and see what Christen thought of this women's styling subscription box. Read more...

The Basics

  • $40 per month
  • Ships to US

How Do Subscribers Rate DAILYLOOK?

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3.7 overall rating

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Mar 3, 2021
"There's better out there with better quality clothing"
I liked what I was sent but I hated the quality of the clothing. It was all cheap fabrics like polyester and nylon. Looking at the labels I found a lot of made-in-China random name brands. It made me angry that I would purchase something from my box and find it discounted on the website shop a week later. I stopped after a few boxes.

Feb 20, 2020
I've really been enjoying Dailylook. The site is very easy to navigate especially for someone who isn't super tech-savvy. I also really appreciate that my stylist communicates with me in a timely manner. She does a great job at choosing styles that fit my lifestyle but also pieces that push me out of my comfort zone. I usually like 90% of the pieces in my box and I typically get around 8-12 items.

Feb 6, 2020
my overall experience with Dailylook has been good so far. I've been a loyal subscriber for a few months now and I really like the styles and pieces my stylist picks out for me. I recently started a new job and I've been asking my stylist to send me more business casual clothes so I'm excited for my next few boxes. It's also really convenient because anything that doesn't work out for me, I can send back free of charge.

Jan 28, 2020
saw one of Dailylook's ads on my Facebook feed and thought I'd give it a shot. I was pretty hesitant about it at first because I've never subscribed to any box businesses before so I wasn't sure what to expect but to my surprise, I really enjoyed my first couple boxes. Everything in my box was curated for me and I liked how my stylist really took my lifestyle into account. I really feel like there is a genuine friendly connection rather than some automated message.

Jan 23, 2020
my friend and I have been subscribed to Dailylook for a few months now and we both LOVE IT. Our stylist has been sending us pretty trendy items that we normally wouldn't gravitate towards but they're actually really flattering! Dailylook also makes it very convenient because I try on all my pieces in the comfort of my own home.

Jan 17, 2020
this year, I promised myself to finally refresh my wardrobe and Dailylook subscription service was definitely a good choice to help me do just that. I normally hate shopping for clothes but Dailylook made it convenient because now I have my own personal stylist who picks pieces for me based on what I like and my body type. Anything I don't like, I can just return back to them. Love it!

Jan 7, 2020
Dailylook has honestly been so convenient for me lately. I am a working mom and don't have time to go shopping or even have me time. I've been loving the service because there's a stylist who hand picks everything for me and it's shipped straight to my house. I can try everything on from the comfort of my own home and whatever I dont like, I can easily return. Their styles are very in trend and price point is reasonable. I also recommended it to my girlfriends and they enjoy the service as well.

Dec 12, 2019
I'm new to the subscription box service and Dailylook is the first one I tried. I've received 2 boxes so far and I'm really enjoying it. Their price points are reasonable for the style and quality of the item. I also like how my stylist is very personable and really tries to understand my lifestyle. I'm a working mom with 2 kids so I dont have time to shop anymore but I still like to dress on trend. It's really convenient for me and I'm looking forward to my future boxes!

Dec 4, 2019
My first time using DailyLook and I love it. Everything about it was 5 stars. My stylist was on point, personable, and understood my concerns. She provided me with a lot of a good variety of quality options that I never would have picked for myself but absolutely loved! Most of all, the quality of customer service is the best I've received from companies like this. The agent listened to my concerns when I accidentally tried to ship my return through UPS instead of USPS. She made an exception for a late return because of my dumb mistake, and even worked with me to schedule a USPS pick-up straight from my door. She answered all my concerns thoroughly and promptly. I've used other similar services with very disappointing results. I will definitely use DailyLook again, its been great all around for a busy lady who hates shopping but loves lookin fresh

Jan 26, 2018
I asked one of my good friends to try this and she actually LOVED it. Aside from recieveing new trendy pieces by mail she truly felt she could wear most of the pieces they sent her. After seeing her excitement I went ahead and got it myself! We text each other and share what he got from our boxes. Our boxes are always super different and i love that. it's great knowing that each box is made specially for me.
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