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DAILYLOOK is a personal styling service for women that sends you 6-10 hand-selected items each month curated by your own personal stylist and tailored to your style profile. You keep the items you want and return the rest back within 5 business days; shipping is free! Currently styling for sizes 0-12, XS-L and waist size 24-32.

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this year, I promised myself to finally refresh my wardrobe and Dailylook subscription service was definitely a good choice to help me do just that. I normally hate shopping for clothes but Dailylook made it convenient because now I have my own personal stylist who picks pieces for me based on what I like and my body type. Anything I don't like, I can just return back to them. Love it!
on 1/17/2020
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Dailylook has honestly been so convenient for me lately. I am a working mom and don't have time to go shopping or even have me time. I've been loving the service because there's a stylist who hand picks everything for me and it's shipped straight to my house. I can try everything on from the comfort of my own home and whatever I dont like, I can easily return. Their styles are very in trend and price point is reasonable. I also recommended it to my girlfriends and they enjoy the service as well.
on 1/7/2020
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I'm new to the subscription box service and Dailylook is the first one I tried. I've received 2 boxes so far and I'm really enjoying it. Their price points are reasonable for the style and quality of the item. I also like how my stylist is very personable and really tries to understand my lifestyle. I'm a working mom with 2 kids so I dont have time to shop anymore but I still like to dress on trend. It's really convenient for me and I'm looking forward to my future boxes!
on 12/12/2019
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My first time using DailyLook and I love it. Everything about it was 5 stars. My stylist was on point, personable, and understood my concerns. She provided me with a lot of a good variety of quality options that I never would have picked for myself but absolutely loved! Most of all, the quality of customer service is the best I've received from companies like this. The agent listened to my concerns when I accidentally tried to ship my return through UPS instead of USPS. She made an exception for a late return because of my dumb mistake, and even worked with me to schedule a USPS pick-up straight from my door. She answered all my concerns thoroughly and promptly. I've used other similar services with very disappointing results. I will definitely use DailyLook again, its been great all around for a busy lady who hates shopping but loves lookin fresh
on 12/4/2019
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I asked one of my good friends to try this and she actually LOVED it. Aside from recieveing new trendy pieces by mail she truly felt she could wear most of the pieces they sent her. After seeing her excitement I went ahead and got it myself! We text each other and share what he got from our boxes. Our boxes are always super different and i love that. it's great knowing that each box is made specially for me.
on 1/26/2018
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i cant say it enough this service has saved me so much time!! i never have time to shop and my stylist takes the stress out of trying to find time to shop! i also LOVE the option to view my items before they are shipped to me and i can switch the items out for the ones i know i dont want. dailylook helps me looking up to date with the latest trends. and on the months when money is tight i can just skip a month or two then get right back to shopping with my stylist! five stars!
on 1/24/2018
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I don’t normally take the time to write a bad review but I just cancelled after about 6 months of disappointment. They charge the styling fee plus $150 deposit per shipment, and then they send you over $800 worth of clothes. The clothing seems less ‘curated by your personal stylist’ and more throwaways that didn’t sell somewhere else. They’re wrinkled and I thought pretty expensive. Like $79 t shirts. And I swear I would return something and get almost the exact thing in the next box. I would generally keep 2 items because I couldn’t cram it all back in the return bag. They notify you it’s shipped and then it might arrive 10 days (!) later. But if you don’t get your returns sent back within 3-5 days prepare to be charged for all of it. On top of which returns are only through UPS, not very convenient in a small town. You have to call to cancel, inconvenient and time consuming. Oh, and the questionnaire is endless. Shocked by the good reviews. I love the style and convenience of Stitchfix, the app is great. I’m excited to try Urbane Box.
on 12/29/2017
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This styling service is perfect for me because I prefer classic looks as well as patterns and colors that I can mix and match with my existing clothes. What I like the most is that the pieces I've bought are comfortable and somewhat causal! Perfect for a working woman!
on 11/2/2017
Took the plunge after resisting for a while, now I just can’t picture buying clothes any other way! I think shopping for clothes can be fun and I do it now and then, but when you realize how much time people spend doing that it just seems absurd. OF course, not everyone has the money to get styled, but if you want to invest in yourself then definitely give this a try. I really like their service because its straightforward and the clothes are very cute and work appropriate.
on 11/1/2017
I really like the fact that this company sends you more items to choose from. I always receive more then 7 items and I usually love the majority of the things sent to me. I mean, when I have traditionally gone shopping at a mall, I usually try on a ton of clothes and never really buy anything. Thankfully, now all I have to do is open my Daily Look box and try on a bunch of pretty clothes that actually fit me and my style. Just recently I received the cutest striped blouse and pair of jeans. I'm so happy with this service!
on 10/30/2017