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Ricky’s Cult Crushes subscription box gives you the chance to test our hottest brands and products – both classic and new – and learn how to optimize them through exclusive online tutorials lead by influences we love.

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I sent a screen shot that I was charged twice, but the refuse to refund my money. Their customer service is AWFUL!
on 9/25/2018
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Where do I begin with the laundry list of reason to avoid Cult Crushes? 1.) First, many of the positive reviews you are seeing are because they offered subscribers a free gift in their next box for a 5 star review. So can you really trust those? Before those reviews Cult Crushes had a 2 star rating. 2.) Their customer service is atrocious. Yesterday they deleted their Facebook page. When customers simply asked why they deleted their Facebook they deleted the comments and turned off commenting on their IG. If it was simply maintenance why do that? It would have been just as easy to address our concerns or to let us know ahead of time. 3.) Any negative comments they receive they delete and turn off commenting. They don’t take the criticism into account to make their company better, they simply hide them from potential customers. I have spoken to many people who are upset and have had this done to their comments. 4.) There are products in the box that differ from the spoilers they’ve put out. This started in April when they sent a different palette to new subscribers than what they had advertised. This month they sent a bright pink blush instead of the highlighter, which also have a different value and so on. 5.) I have spoken to many people who have missing items or have questions and they never get a response or resolution from customer service despite contacting them through all of their available means of contact. 6.) They bill and ship whenever they feel like it. They do not follow their own policy in regards to shipping and billing dates. I have been billed the first week of the month as well as the 3rd week. They also have shipped on time and also so behind it didn’t come until the next month. 7.) They raises the price in June and the quality dropped significantly. Most of the items they send are items on clearance in store. They sent great boxes, then raised the price and dropped quality. Good ol bait and switch tactic. They used to have a waitlist and now they can’t even sell through their box for the month because so many people have cancelled. 8.) Spoilers are never on schedule, they are one of the last boxes to release spoilers and they will not respond to when asked about them. 9.) Looking forward to using that 25% off of all orders in Rickys NYC? Well don’t be the site has been down for a month now with all products showing out of stock. What a great perk right? Not! This is what I can think of off he top of my head. Honestly the ethics of a business I am supporting matter to me, plus the last 3 months have been nothing to be excited about. Cult Crushes don’t ignore my concerns, as well as others, and delete respectful comments of concern, address them!
on 8/8/2018
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It looks like the cost of the subscription went up?
on 6/4/2018
I have been getting Ricky's cult crushes subscription box for 6 months now and they just keep getting better every month. I am extremely happy with their service. I have received a damaged item before and their customer service is excellent. I am truly a happy camper with this subscription and recommend it everyone. You get more bang for your bucks with this beauty subscription. It is by far my favorite curated beauty box that I cant wait for each month.
on 4/20/2018
I don't understand why more people aren't subscribed to this?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ December 2017 & January 2018 boxes were EPIC. I's only 11 bucks! {A total steal} It is better than Birchbox, Ipsy, and Allure by a long mile!
on 1/18/2018
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I first learned of this box in August and subscribed right then. The August box was okay, not disappointing, but nothing to write home about either. However, the September box, I felt, was honestly better than all my other beauty boxes combined (Boxycharm, Ipsy, Macy's). Let me tell you, it's quite surreal to open a beauty box to find a brand name mini flat iron in it and a large Z palette with magnets. I didn't even care what the remaining three items were, lol (there are always five in total), my mind was just blown by those two. I don't know what to expect from future boxes, but as of right now I am dropping Ipsy for this, and Boxycharm when my prepaid period runs out.
on 9/17/2017