Craft + Boogie

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Celebrate, play, and give back! Each kit comes with 3-4 festive crafts, a family game, simple snack recipes, paper table decorations, activity pages, a themed Spotify playlist, and a guide that teaches the history behind the holiday. Every purchase helps fund craft kits for kids in foster care and patients at children's hospitals. Themed crafts designed to encourage self-expression, boost self-esteem, and create moments of bonding between parent and child. Fun, festive games to play at a party, a play date, or around the dinner table. Simple snack recipes your kids can help make celebrate each month's theme and come with special place settings to make snack-time fun and memorable. Spend more quality time with your kids on the days they'll cherish most—without having to plan or prep a thing. We turn your dollars into craft kits for children in foster care, patients at children’s hospitals, and counselors in low-income elementary schools.