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Cosbox is a subscription box geared towards new and experienced cosplayers alike! Cosbox has 2 versions, Basic and Themed. Basic boxes come with samples of commonly used products like thermoplastics, clay, wig tools, ect. Themed boxes contain products, with at least (maybe more) than 3 full size products centered around the monthly theme! Each box contains 5 products. Ships to USA, and Canada for a bit extra.

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Canadian here. Never got my boxes (almost 6 months now), and they are not willing to help me out in any way. I can't rate the actual content of the box, but shipping and customer service are pretty bad.
on 11/7/2016
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I backed this when they were in the GoFundMe stage. I'm glad I only backed them at the $15 level because man... The total value of items only added up to about $12. Now, they've raised their price to around $25 + shipping, so it's even worse of a value. They consistently are late on shipping. The MAC brushes mentioned in the other review here were discovered by subscribers early on to be fake, so CosBox was obligated to leave them out of the box. I stopped subscribing after the first box, but I continue to see reviews from friends who are (for some reason) still subscribing. The boxes have not gotten any better and are certainly not worth $25 + shipping.
on 12/31/2015
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I purchased both the july/augest theme box (makeup box) and the "normal box" from thier gofund me kickstarter. i was Very disapointed. i paid almost $50 for both boxes and everything added up to just under $25 if bought seperatly from the retailers. No savings was passed on to thier customers and the only thing that was preanouced that was in the box was a 5" by 5" piece of worbla. the contour pallet and the lip gloss as well as the mac brushes were not included due to "supplyer back out. will not get again.
on 8/27/2015