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Cococlectic is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate-of-the-month subscription club. Their philosophy is to support the small mom-and-pop chocolate makers who passionately make chocolate bars from scratch using less than 5 ingredients – namely cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter. They source cocoa beans from all over the world and painstakingly manage the entire chocolate process themselves – fermentation, drying, testing, cleaning, roasting, cracking (or fanning), grinding, conching, tempering and forming. Cococlectic offers these chocolate artisans a platform to showcase their amazing hard work. The chocolates in your chocolate box do not contain any GMO ingredients (non-GMO), use only all-natural, vegan, fair trade products, and are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. The chocolate makers use 5 ingredients or less to make their bars; namely cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar.

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Umm, I just checked this one out. $20 shipping on top of the cost of the monthly subscription!
on 8/11/2019