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Every month you and your child will get a box of 4-5 items. These best-of products are recommended and reviewed by real moms and are tailored to the age of your child, from newborn up to 5 years. Each month, you’ll discover and enjoy a surprise selection of some of our favorite finds, including toys, books, snacks, household products, as well as other goodies for kids and even parents. (Boxes are only $21 a month with a 6-month subscription).

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I LOVE citrus lane. We are on month 7 for my 19 month old son. The products have always been a hit. Many of the things we get I put away for Christmas/birthday presents. I have yet to get something I truely didn't like or that he wouldn't play with. Definitely a subscription I would recommend. The mystery boxes are high value and I almost always end up buying more things from the companies in the boxes. Love, love, love Citrus Lane!
on 10/16/2015
I current subscribe to this box, it's hit or miss, some months are amazing and some are awful...there is usually always a nice wooden toy, which we love at our house...
on 8/14/2015
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I've had a subscription to Citrus Lane for over a year now. My son (now 16 months) always loves the toys and books he receives. They are high quality and usually become some of his favorites. Everything we've received has been age appropriate. The only negative is that they've sent a lot of bibs (which we don't really use).
on 8/10/2015
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We go back and forth on this box. We usually enjoy at least half of the items in the box. I would say it's always 50/50.
on 6/29/2015
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I was so excited to receive this subscription box. After checking out reviews, looking at their website and viewing their store I had high hopes. I set up a subscription for my 7 month old and my 3 year (and 7 months) old boys. While waiting for the subscriptions to come I would get e-mails from them for discounts that no longer applied to me. Then they apparently discovered a way to have more than one subscription on a single e-mail. When I asked if I could combine subscriptions I was told they did not have a way to do that so I could cancel one and then choose the new add a sibling feature. I received the box for my 3 year old first. There were 2 items in the box we liked and one that will be nice when he was old enough to use it. Now, I have done subscriptions before so I expect a dud or two but when I add up the value of what I received it is less than half of the cost of the subscription. That us also taking their face value of the prices which are over inflated. The remaining items are not giftable. I cancelled the 3 year olds subscription. Today I received (about a week later) the baby's box. Since his was the first account set up we also got a mystery box. The subscription box had the same issues as the 3 year olds. The mystery box was packed haphazardly. (although truthfully much better value in the free mystery box). The baby's box also had one if this mystery it worth $5 or $500?!? I'm going to bet that it's a $5 coupon. Cancelled baby's subscription. Verdict: this subscription has the potential to introduce you to high quality children's toys/books. I have a better way. Visit their store. Check out Parents magazine. Read Amazon's monthly recommended children's books. Then spend less getting exactly what you want. I would not recommend this subscription to anyone I like.
on 6/20/2015
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I've always been impressed with the item quality, selection, and customer service. However, value wise I've found they match or are slightly less than retail value. Since I typically only buy these types of items on sale, I'm paying more than I want to when they are not even always the whole item. For example, I might get half the pizza kit, not the whole pizza, and not get the pizza box. Still, I've discovered some great brands that I may not have found otherwise.
on 5/25/2015
This is easily my favorite box!! They are great on value, and Customer Service has always been very pleasant.
on 4/10/2015
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I signed up for one month with a coupon to purchase gifts for friend with new baby. Very impressed with how easy it was to cancel online. Wish all subs had this kind of customer service!
on 3/23/2015
We love out Citrus Lane boxes. We've been subscribed since my son was 10 months old. He's now 2.5 yrs. We've had delayed shipping once. My son loves the toys they send, they're his favorites. I cannot recommend this company enough. I'm excited to see what comes for Easter this month ;)
on 3/11/2015
I have had nothing but bad experiences with this subscription. The items I receive are in no way age appropriate. For example I received items clearly marked "5+" for my 3 year old. I just received items marked "3+" for my 10 month old. Why ask for my child's age if you are going to blatantly disregard it? Other issues involve the fact that my son's first box contained a damaged item. Another month they forgot to send me a box despite being active. Luckily I was not charged. Multiple attempts to reach customer service by phone have been unsuccessful. During one attempt I was told by a recorded message that they were not open, despite it being during their posted business hours. I was then repeatedly told that "All of our agents are busy helping other customers" when I called over an extended time frame. This leads me to believe they do not actually have anyone working their call center. All around a disappointing experience.
on 2/20/2015