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ChocoTravlr is an international chocolate experience delivered directly to your mouth - every month! Every box comes with an exploration of local chocolate from a different country each month, a personal note from the country's curator, and a description of the chocolate you are receiving. Direct-to-mouth chocolate from around the world. Without leaving your home. $29 / Chocobox for 6 MONTHS of ChocoTravlr $25 / Chocobox for 12 MONTHS of ChocoTravlr

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Looks like this one is no longer available. The website wouldn't come up.
on 8/11/2019
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Was not happy with this- I was expecting obscure brands, local to the countries in which they supposedly came from. Instead, we received brands you can find in any US supermarket or drugstore. I was really hoping for more with this subscription box- I was expecting to be introduced to little-known, quality chocolatiers from different countries. Oh well.
on 3/10/2016