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"ChemoCrate is a 3 month gift, designed for women undergoing chemotherapy. Our boxes each include 6 chemo safe, curated items. Most items are intended to be used up and discarded, and not to add unwanted clutter to their lives. Our 6 product touch points are: - Inspiration - Self Care - Beauty - Comfort - Mood - 1 Bonus Item When Cancer enters the life of you or a loved one, everything changes. Friends, family and patients are all overwhelmed with how they can help, and want to quickly mobolize. Often there is a flood of help in the first few weeks, but a slow and steady infusion of assistance is really what’s needed. Patients often leave their oncologist with a list of items they are encouraged to try. At ChemoCrate, we interviewed hundreds of women, and found out what their favorite and most helpful products were. We listened, and curated a gift box that includes direct recommendations from these Chemo Warriors. Our 3 boxes are also named after the women who inspired their contents. ChemoCrate is a monthly (3 months) care package, delivered to the patient with helpful, useful and mindful products. We’ve wrapped our boxes in confetti, and packed them with love. Our deliveries are designed to make the chemo journey a tiny bit better, and even give them a little something to look forward to. Who Are These Boxes Designed For? ChemoCrate is designed for any woman that is facing Chemotherapy treatment. Our products are female-centric, and not designated for any age group. Our box is wrapped in confetti that represent the most common female cancer colors. Price Our price is $49.99 a month, and you purchase all 3 months up front ($149.97). Each box contains 6 items, a donation back to women’s cancer, free shipping, and a gift note. There is no ongoing obligation, it is a one time purchase, and we handle the rest. There are no surprises, we even list the contents in each box so people know exactly what we are sending. Many of our items also support female businesses."