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CAUSEBOX is "A seasonal delivery of 5-8 hand-curated products for women. Every product has a story and makes the world better." Items include jewelry, fashion, home decor, beauty products, artwork, and more, all from socially conscious companies. The retail value of each box is $150+.

They also do a yearly Men's Box and often have Best Of boxes between quarterly seasons! You can save $5/quarter by signing up for an annual subscription.

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    What is CAUSEBOX and how does it work? Our FAQ.

  • CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that focuses on curating a limited edition box of useful products from socially conscious brands. Each season, a unique box featuring original artwork outside of the box is designed to deliver only the best ethical and sustainable products. Every box values over $200 and costs only $49.95 for an annual membership. Learn more about CAUSEBOX here.

    What's in a CAUSEBOX?

  • CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription service that delivers beautiful products of over $200 value for only $49.95 per box. Each box includes exclusive and ethically made products each season. These limited edition of products are curated by the CAUSEBOX team to include items from the leading socially conscious brands. Some products are actually designed exclusively for CAUSEBOX. For more about what's in a CAUSEBOX click here.

    How Much Does CAUSEBOX Cost?

  • CAUSEBOX costs $54.95 for a one-time subscription or $199.80 for an annual membership. Quarterly members are billed four times per year while Annual members pay a one time discounted per-quarter fee. For more about CAUSEBOX billing click here

    When Does CAUSEBOX Ship?

  • CAUSEBOX generally ships within the first two weeks of September, December, March, and June. For new members, first shipments are shipped after successful billing. Once your box ships, it will take between 2-8 days to arrive. You'll also receive a shipping verification notice via email that includes a tracking number for your reference. Learn more about CAUSEBOX shipping here.

    How Do I Cancel My CAUSEBOX Subscription?

  • You can cancel your CAUSEBOX subscription at any time with no cancellation fee. To learn more about how to cancel your CAUSEBOX subscription click here.

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I ordered my first box because of the deal on November 29. Not only have they not honored the discount, charging me the full amount (which was a surprise to me when I just checked my account today), but I am still waiting on that box. I had planned to give it as a Christmas gift, but this is really such a disappointment I still don't have it. Their explanation *sigh* ... I tried to be understanding, but this is not amateur hour. The subscription box market is a highly competitive space. While I would love to support this box over the competition because of its association to worthy causes, that association in and of itself does not negate good service, an easy cancellation policy (you have to write them and it takes weeks WEEKS to hear back) or basic fulfillment. Sadly, my last hope is to dispute the charge with my credit card and let them handle it. Really upsetting.
on 1/14/2020
No idea if this will ever even show up. Several days after an email, they replied with a printable card ( 3 days after Christmas) to give to the recipient. They gave more excuses in the email and still have no idea when it will ship. I’ll be canceling this right away, and wouldn’t ever recommend it.
on 12/28/2019
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They have potential however I fear they are currently circling the drain. Multiple customers report (check Facebook) issues with orders placed over a month ago being fulfilled. For this cause, I would 100% have patience. It’s more about the mission than stuff. They, however appear to have been dishonest to me in that when I asked (after multiple times) I was told it just left the warehouse yesterday. I checked the tracking, FedEx has been waiting since 12/9/2019 for THS package. Just tell me you don’t have the product, are overwhelmed with orders, or whatever the issue is. Don’t mislead me, especially where money is involved.
on 12/17/2019
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I love CAUSEBOX products and I have been introduced to some great companies that I have bought directly from as a result. Not every product will be for everyone, but that's to be expected with any sub box. I've never had issues with quality, save for one item that had color bleeding in the wash. CAUSEBOX customer service was great about handling the issue quickly and to my satisfaction. That said, they are a small company that has grown rapidly in the year since I first joined. With that comes some growing pains and frustrations. The main one of which is that the past two seasons, the seasonal boxes have had their timelines pushed back. In the fall, they introduced an Add-On Marketplace and decided to launch it in the middle of releasing spoilers for the seasonal box. The launch of the marketplace caused website meltdowns and as a result the shipping windows needed to be pushed back because annual members couldn't log in and customize before the regular deadline. For the winter season, they promised shipment in time for the holidays of any Marketplace orders, but the seasonal box that was originally slated to ship early December got pushed back to mid-December for current subscribers and early to mid January for new subscribers, meaning very few subscribers (if any) will get their seasonal box by Christmas. The decision to prioritize an upselling market over proper execution and delivery of the seasonal boxes is disappointing. Since these additional items also ship separately from the seasonal boxes (and thus incur a shipping charge unless you buy over a certain $ amount in the market) it seems completely unneccessary for the marketplace to coincide with the seasonal boxes at all. It would probably be a better move for the company to move the marketplace to a between seasons period, so that it no longer delays or interferes with proper fulfilment of the seasonal box that all the members subscribe to.
on 12/17/2019
I subscribed and bought a whole lot of stuff on their marketplace....A month later and it is still not shipped, even though they promised it will be in time for Christmas. Got a shipping email three days ago, but FedEx still don’t have the package. Very quick to take your money, but fulfilling orders is obviously not priority for them.....
on 12/15/2019
I canceled but since I signed annual, the boxes still come till end of contract. I should have known better! I'll be glad when it ends. Crappy products and having no choice of picking something different instead of the art piece. It stinks!
on 11/12/2019
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I absolutely love CAUSEBOX! I switched over from FFF after I was horribly disappointed by so many skincare products crowding my bathroom shelves. I almost every single product I've received from CAUSEBOX, and whatever I don't use or need, I don't feel any qualms about gifting! I also love that I'm using my purchasing power to help fuel small businesses and female entrepreneurs around the world :) In the words of Marie Kondo, the stories behind every product brings me joy! It's truly a relief to sub for a box curated by people who seriously care about giving back to others. As for the products themselves, I enjoy the variety. There isn't, like, 80% skincare, 20% random stuff. The box will include 1-2 of each type of product: skincare, facial care, jewelry, clothing, homeware, etc..
on 10/25/2019
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I am nearing the end of my annual subscription and definitely plan on cancelling. The quality of the products in not what I initially expected when I signed up. This last box was incredibly disappointing: the bag is way smaller than expected (the model in the pictures must be child sized); the necklace is cheap made and tacky; the candle melted in-transit (i'm assuming) and the container is stained; the letter board is of decent construction, but the letters are minimal and it is something that perhaps children would enjoy; the make-up brushes are not quality brushes - even at a retail price of $24 for the set I would not purchase them- that do not pick up much powder/clay product, and they do not cleanly apply any product they actually pick up. The only item that may be of use is the oil, which I am not holding out high hopes for. I will be sticking to my FabFitFun, BoxyCharm, Ipsy Glam Plus, and other subscriptions, but this one has to go.
on 9/22/2019
Scam Alert! Causebox claims hassle free cancelation with no cancelation fee. They lock you into an membership which they allow you to cancel, however continue to charge you. If you purchased *what I thought was an individual season box- then you will be auto charged for the next seasons box unless you cancel before the next billing cycle (which please note the billing schedule is not posted anywhere on their sight, I was unable to find these dates). Even if you cancel before your next season’s box is fulfilled or shipped. If you signed up for the annual membership, your able to cancel at anything as stated, however you will be charged for all 4 season boxes no matter what (please note: you are unable to see what will be in these boxes prior to being charged!) In addition, there is no live customer service help phone #. Actually there is not contact phone #. Only an help email address which sends an auto response. I’ve now been waiting 4 days for an actual response to my inquiry.
on 9/4/2019
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Love everything in the causebox and can't wait for the next one!
on 6/30/2019