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Jun 25, 2020
These people are a real piece of work. I asked for immediate shipping. They said they would get it out right away. I will hand it to them, they were very responsive right away. Until they ignored me a month later when I asked where was the items. I had to do a chargeback. Real nice present I bought for someone. These guys are scam artists.
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Oct 18, 2018
I could not be more Disappointed in this site. I did my due diligence in mid October and messaged them prior to my order asking if it was too soon to order for Christmas, I was concerned that some of the products may be expired by the time Christmas would come. Their support team was very firm in their answer that the product would not expire before Christmas came and I could feel free to order anytime now. I then placed my order and received it in a week only to open it and find out one product Was set to expire a month and a half before Christmas, one product was set to expire five days after Christmas and two other products were set to expire 10 days after Christmas, leaving only one product with no expiry date. I emailed them of my experience they obviously did not understand what I was trying to say, their reply was that “we do allow for you to choose the month for shipping, we have added a $10 credit to your account”. My problem wasn’t that they shipped it in an improper timeline at all. So I replied again saying they must’ve interpreted my email wrong and explained again in different wording my issue that this was a gift for Christmas and I had asked prior to ordering if I would be OK to order now and the products wouldn’t expire by Christmas, I told them a $10 credit on my account doesn’t nearly suffice the $50 I spent for a Christmas gift that was going to be 80% expired by the time I made it to my Christmas party. no response this time. Terrible communication from the start and it is very clear that there is a communication breakdown happening in their customer service chat. The worst of all this is that they’ve deactivated their phone line so they don’t allow for phone calls… But they don’t understand when you email them either?! Brutal!! Never again! Won’t be using that credit! Beware.
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Mar 4, 2016
bought a groupon for christmas very happy about the selection I received in our carnivore box