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CardNest is a new greetings card subscription service that sends members a monthly delivery of three greetings cards, designed exclusively for the service by their pick of the world's best artists and illustrators. Members receive a range of cards to suit a whole host of occasions. A combination of birthday, thank you, congratulations cards are mixed with other more general designs to use as the perfect way to keep in touch with loved ones. UK subscriptions are £7.50 per month and International subscriptions are £10 per month.

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Img 20161108 110405
Second month with this sub and things are going great! For July they sent all birthday cards. (I remember reading somewhere that this time of year has the most birthdays). My current picture is off the three cards they sent. I really Luke all three cards. One is by Monster Riot called "Hats Off". It has a blue background and the picture is of a chef holding a massive cake. The cake is red. I think one if the reasons why I love this card is because I am a sucker for the light blue and red color combo. Really nice for any birthday but I think this would be extra special for a milestone birthday since the cake is so massive. Another card they included is from Felicita Sala called: " Delicious". It I'd a picture of a slice of cake with a candle and has pictured of the ingredients of the cake. On the top if the card it says "delicious BIRTHDAY cake" and by each ingredient it says what it is and how much to use. It looks like this is an actual recipient for a white chocolate raspberry cake. Maybe I'll try it one day. Right now it is too hot for that! :-) This would be a great card for a foodie and if someone was extra motivated I could see then baking this cake and giving someone this birthday card. The final card is by Anina Rubio called: "Massive Happy Birthday". And the card says " A Massive HAPPY Birthday to you!". The letters have a rainbow color gradient starting at red on the top half of the "A" to "violet" (actually looks more blue) on the bottom half of "to you". I think this card is great for anyone. I can see it working for a kid or an adult. But I would say a person with a sunny disposition should get this card. I did notice if toy GI to their website that if you give them your e-mail you can get 50% off your first month.
on 7/24/2015
Img 20161108 110405
I received my first subscription in June and I am impressed! From the packaging that the cards come in to the cards themselves - everything is great. With the conversion from pounds to dollars and my banks conversion fee the price was about $16. Since there aren't current reviews I wish I could link to the cards so you can get an idea of what to expect. So I'll just try to explain what I received: My favorite card was a congratulation card that said: BRAVO on the front with a bunch of arms in the air (multi -ethnic which I loved) and under the word Bravo and above the arms were roses. The design was very well done and I loved it. A very nice congrats card but probably very special for someone in the arts as if roses were being tossed on stage. My next favorite (really close because I lived them both) was called Monster Birthday. And there is a hairy pink peanut like shaped monster wearing a green party hat receiving or placing a present that us on top of a stack if presents. I love the whimsy of this card. I can think if lots of kids or kids at heart that thus card would suit. The final card says "You're lovely" in a fun font and the font is a soft yet chunky style and the letters are multiple colors. Cute card I just like the other two more. I really like this first "box" and am looking forward to July's shipment. Since I don't know if my words did it any justice I will change my photo for a little while to a picture of all cards. Sorry pic is bad - a baby and toddler need me rights this a moment. :-)
on 7/2/2015
It is not 10 dollars, but 10 british punds. Not quite the same.....
on 1/16/2015