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"Cajun Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers specially curated boxes filled with Louisiana made items! Each month a box will contain Cajun products ranging from coffee to beignet mix, jambalaya to gumbo roux, étouffée sauce to bbq sauce, and so much more! We are teaming up with chefs and tastemakers from Louisiana to find the best products from Louisiana that we can deliver to you! In your Cajun Crate you will find a guide to what's inside your Cajun Crate. Find out where your product was made and how you can create cajun creates at home with our step by step recipe guides. We will be going behind the scenes with our awesome Cajun vendors to show you how and where your products were made, introduce you to the creator, and explore their little piece of Louisiana culture. This is not an ordinary subscription box. This is a Cajun subscription box! We do things a little different in Louisiana and we want to share that with you! Each Parish has a different style and our subscribers can taste it all. Our goal is to promote local. Louisiana owned. This way the small and large brands can gain more exposure, hire people, buy more from local farmers, and create new products. We are locals that love helping locals. Each box of Cajun Crate will help support at least 7 Louisiana owned businesses. Monthly $39 | 3 Months $117 | 6 Month $222 | 12 Months $420 Shipping is Free. Cancel any time. Ships on the 15th of each month. We also have gift boxes that do not renew and you can purchase past boxes. Currently we only ship in the US plus APO, FP, DPO"