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Button Up A Month is a provider of men's dress shirts through a monthly service. Button Up A Month provides the member with the ability to choose size and style. When shirt styles are chosen by members, they are added to a queue. Members can then reorder the queue for priority and receive shirts ranking in the top of their queue each month.

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Disliked the shirts I received from Button Up a Month. I expected them to be cheaper shirts due to the price, ones to wear every day and not super nice ones for special occasions. However, the quality is super cheap. I've gotten dress shirts at Walmart that were better. Every time I got them back from the cleaners they had shrank, where my nicer Staffords and JF's did not.
on 6/5/2017
Had one return and they were very nice about it, even though I had tried the shirt on and didn't put it back exactly how it was before. Prompt, friendly communication. Shirts are a nice quality. Definitely higher than the price point. It's not Brooks Brothers, but these are great, everyday shirts that fit well and look good at the office. (I've had two compliments on one shirt so far.) Give it a try! It's easy to sign up and cancellation seems easy as well if you decide it's not for you.
on 4/15/2015