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A Bullymake Box is a box that is designed specifically for power chewing dogs. Each Bullymake Box features long lasting and durable items built for rugged chewers! 4-5 super premium toys and treats are hand selected for your dog(s) each month by their weight.

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Terrible introduction for a new customer! I've been waiting over 15 days since my order was placed. I live in Canada. I was noticing conflicting messages from Canada & US postal services. After much digging and conflicting info from customer service, it turns out the messed up and my order was rejected by CDA customs. The only offer to "resolve my problem" was a $5 discount (guess it would apply on my subscription renewal). Not willing to expedite the resubmitted delivery. So I guess I'll wait over a month now just to try the product. In today's delivery pace this is not acceptable. ... meanwhile, my 8mo. old puppy is chewing up everything he can get his hands on and I'm $135USD poorer!
on 10/15/2019
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We are huge fans of BULLYMAKE and would recommend it to anybody with a strong chewer if you'd like quality products!
on 4/10/2019
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We love BULLYMAKE and highly recommend it. The toys are wonderful and the dogs love the treats!
on 1/28/2019
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Love this box! I get the toys only box. The toys are top quality and my dogs love them - 4 border collies and beagle! Feel free to use my coupon code SOPHIE and save $10 if you decide to try out Bullymake box!
on 5/31/2018
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The treats are the only good part about it. Wish I could just do treats only. My dog loves the treats which is good since she is picky. Hate the toys. We only got two toys. There was a kong which is eh mainly because I feel a kong is a safe choice. The second toy was the issue. It was a hard plastic propeller. It is super hard but this causes a safety problem. It looks like it is meant to be thrown, but it is so hard that if it hits a item or person it will break. I would never play fetch with my dog and this toy.
on 4/22/2018
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My three dogs love these treats and toys! They are so excited when they get a new box! Toys hold up pretty well and treat quality is great!
on 2/25/2018
Just got our first box & our puppy Baylor loves it so far!!! Excited for the next one!! Fun to have him help open it & you can see him becoming more and more excited!! ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿพ
on 2/23/2018
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We love Bullymake. Their toys are top quality and they back up everything with an amazing guarantee that they stand behind. I highly recommend them, my 2 huge labs haven't got through any of their toys and their treats are top notch as well!
on 1/30/2018
I thought this box would be great for my dogs. I signed up for the 3 month subscription and all 3 were received on time and overall I was happy with the quality of the products. I got the treats and toys box with a bonus toy. All of the products are made in the USA which was a plus for me. My dogs liked all of the products I received. Each box had the similar style toy only themed for the month it was shipped. The boxes each had some type of treat stuffing toy, a solid indestructible chew toy, and the bonus toy was pretty much a flat piece of indestructible material shaped differently each month. I feel that each month you get the 'same' items just shaped different and a different color. I would say the boxes are okay and might get one off boxes but I do not think there is enough variety in the box to justify a long subscription. Now on to the customer service, which I have to say is pretty horrible. After the 3rd month I logged into my account and there was no way to cancel the subscription. So I assumed it was just going to stop and forgot about it. The next month I received an email stating the 3 month had auto-renewed and my card has been charged. Less than 5 minutes after receiving the email I replied to them stating I no longer wanted the box and asked for it to be cancelled and refunded. They replied "Just to clarify - we are a subscription-based service. So once you sign up with us, your account will automatically renew every month or depending on your subscription, unless you choose to cancel prior to its renewal. We apologize however we weren't able to receive your request to cancel before renewing. We usually advise cancellations prior to your account being renewed since we are unable to refund your subscription renewal charge after renewal has taken place, as your order has already been processed and ready for shipment." They also included links to the Terms and Conditions because everyone reads them... So after a few more emails they stuck to their policy stating there was nothing they could do to cancel the subscription. I finally threatened to dispute the charge. I then got a automated credit receipt and a canned sorry to see you go email. So, my final thoughts are... it is a good box to try, gift, or an occasional treat for the dogs but the price increase of the single month might make it not worth it. They really need to invest in the customer account area of the site to allow you to pause or cancel the subscription. Having to email to cancel is just dumb. Their customer service team really needs some work or a more customer focused business model.
on 12/14/2017
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We are so happy to have found Bullymake Box! Our dog loves his new toys and treats every month. The toys are durable and fun and keep our boy entertained! The treats are also really good with great ingredients. We would have to say you definitely get what you pay for and more with this box!!!
on 10/26/2017