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BuddhiBox is comprised of 4-6 products to enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle. BuddhiBox practices Saucha or living purely. BuddhiBox only partners with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards in production. Your purchase also helps support non-profits. Each month, BuddhiBox will pick a charity and donate proceeds from the sale of the boxes to them. Subscribe to BuddhiBox for $34.95 month to month, $30.95 monthly with a 3-month subscription, $29.95 monthly with a 6 month subscription, or $27.95 monthly with a 12 month subscription.

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What a treat to receive the creative and inspiring treats in my Buddhi Box! Love the Mala included in the box as well as the Abundance candle. I travel for work and take the candle wherever I go! Very impressed with my first box and look forward to what's in store next!
on 7/10/2019
GREAT Quality Products, really impressed by what's in the BOX!
on 7/10/2019
I've received three of their jewelry boxes and each box is better than the last. The mala and bracelets are always amazing and a very high quality. There are also quite a few extra fun surprises in the box as well. Much better than another yoga jewelry box I had subscribed to ;)
on 5/30/2018
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I have received the last two months of these boxes and LOVE them. The oils are great i use them as well as the crystal with the guided meditation. It's fun to try the earthy goodies that come along as well.
on 7/3/2017
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I was really a fan for several months but after so many repeat items, I had to cancel. There are only so many essential oils, yoga straps, and headbands a girl can own. My favorite part of the boxes was the jewelry, but even that was cheaply made and fell apart after a handful of uses.
on 6/29/2017
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I am not a fan of the box. Luckily I did a "try before I buy" (commit) with a one time purchase from livingsocial. I never add coupons to the value of my box because if I have to commit to another purchase or sign up for a free month of something and the responsibility is on me to cancel or get charged, it is another purchase. A coupon to me is a potential bonus not value added. The values of the other items were pretty reasonable except for a pewter necklace I received. I know far too much about the jewelry business. The pewter lotus necklace in sterling would cost $25. That is inflated to me. Ganesh Nail Polish in Raga Vanish was a total hit with me and the Mandala hand towel in their buddhibox logo will be useful but after seeing that many of the types of items repeat in some fashion. I decided this box was not for me but do feel the packaging and info cards are on point.
on 9/15/2016
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I love this box! I am on my second month (out of 6), and I think it is a great deal! If you are a yogi, or have a friend/family member that is, this is the box for you/them. Each month, the proceeds go to a different charity, and the company lets you know in advance. The prices are great, the customer service is great, the items in the box are worth the money (actually more), and I have used all of my products and LOVE them!
on 3/8/2015