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Every month we source premium and interesting teas, coffees & delicious treats in order to give you the best tasting experience – delivered directly to your front door.

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Their personalized tea boxes sounded wonderful, they offered free shipping to US with subscriptions, and my friend in London had tried their teas and liked them. Yet after placing my order (and charging my card), the link I was sent in my receipt simply led to an "invalid order." I tried giving it a few days to process, then emailing their support. That was 8 days ago now and they have yet to respond to my question or follow up email. I know it's a busy holiday season, but I should have received some information by now. So now I find myself attempting to cancel this subscription. Plus I'm now missing a gift for the family member I intended to gift this too.
on 12/19/2016
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on 5/11/2016