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"Join the best (and only) pin and patch club there is. Get a curated box of artist designed lapel pins and patches delivered every month. All you have to do is pick a plan for 1 , 2 or 3 items and then before your box ships we'll txt you themes to choose from. We'll work with our artist friends to curate you the best selection of pins and patches and deliver it straight to your door." Pricing ranges from $13 for 1 item/month, $20 for 2 items/month, and $25 for 3 items/month.

Shipping: Free within the US, $6.99 for international shipping

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What's listed for this box isn't correct as of this review (10/10/18) The pricing is: $25.00 For three pins (or two pins and one patch) Or: $30.00 For four pins (or 3 pins and one patch) Given pins and patches can be so expensive, I think this is a great deal! I've been subscribed for about five months now. I really like the service. Each month they text you the theme choices for that months box. There are three, one based on an artist, and two that they come up with. For example this months non artist specific themes are "indoorsing" and "book club" I think this box is a really fun way to build up your collection. The boxes have all been well curated and they often come with small extras, like stickers or one month included their "Be less boring" pendant flag. Each box also comes with little cards that explain each artist. I love reading about the artists. When you subscribe you also get discounts (up to 20% off) in their pin and patch shop while you're an active member. Plus they sometimes have discount codes and if you're a member you get free shipping. I think the only thing that might put people off is that to unsubscribe you have to email the owner. You can't unsubscribe on the website. I'm one of those people who unsubscribes to a box pretty frequently and then resubs the next month or the month after that. It's rare I stay subscribed to a box as long as I've been subscribed to Brat Box. If I were to unsubscribe and then resubscribe in the future, I'd be worried I'd be annoying people. It's always easier if I can subscribe and unsubscribe at my leisure. All and all this box is a lot of fun. I definitely recommend it to Pin and/or patch lovers, or people who want to start their collection. 5/5 stars.
on 10/10/2018