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BOXYCHARM sends out established, indie and up and coming beauty brands. Every month they send you 4-5 full-size beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more.

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    What is Boxycharm and how does it work?

  • BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that sends 4-5 full-size beauty products to your door for $25 a month. BoxyCharm boxes are valued at over $100 per box and include free shipping for U.S. subscribers. Unlike other subscription services that offer mini or deluxe samples, BoxyCharm offers 4-5 full-size products every month from a variety of established and indie makeup brands.

    Is Boxycharm worth it?

  • With a promised retail value of $100 plus per $25 monthly box, you'll typically get a great value from this subscription, even if you don't love every single item in your box. We've unboxed and reviewed over 80 individual monthly boxes from Boxycharm since 2013– read our detailed reviews above to see what's inside past boxes, and read comments from other subscribers. You can also read our overview of what we received in 6 months of Boxycharm to see exactly how many eyeshadow palettes and makeup tools we received over half a year! (We found the average retail value was $135/month over the 6 months we analyzed.)

    How much does Boxycharm cost?

  • A month-to-month subscription costs $25 a month. You can get a discount if you pay in advance: get Boxycharm for as low as $22.92 per month by prepaying $275 for an annual subscription. Learn more about BoxyCharm billing here.

    What's in a Boxycharm box?

  • Boxycharm includes 4-5 full size beauty products including makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and color cosmetics. Each box is valued at over $100 and cost $25 a month. Each monthly Boxycharm box is hand selected by Boxycharm's team of beauty experts. Learn more about what's in an Boxycharm box here or in the reviews above.

    When does Boxycharm ship?

  • According to their FAQ, for new subscribers, BoxyCharm boxes within the US typically ship 5-10 business days from successful billing. For existing subscribers, each monthly box is shipped within 5-10 days of the first of the month. (Canadian customers and non-continental US residents may experience longer shipping times.)

    How do I cancel my Boxycharm subscription?

  • You can easily cancel your subscription online at any time in your Boxycharm account– no chatting or calling customer service required. (Keep in mind that if you cancel and want to sign up again in the future, you may end up on the waistlist before your subscription is active again.)

    How does Boxycharm compare to other beauty subscription boxes?

  • Boxycharm ($25/month) is more expensive than its most popular competitor, Ipsy ($10/month)– but for twice the price, Boxycharm gives you more full-sized products and beauty tools, so you do truly get more value for your money. Get the full breakdown on how Boxycharm compares to Ipsy (including how both of their loyalty programs work).

    What is BoxyLuxe?

  • BoxyLuxe is a quarterly $28.99 upgrade option for existing BoxyCharm subscribers; you must have a regular BoxyCharm subscription to receive it! It ships four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. That means that in each of those four months, you're charged a total of $53.99 ($28.99 for BoxyLuxe and $25 for BoxyCharm) to receive the upgraded experience. Each BoxyLuxe box includes 9-10 full sized beauty products worth over $250.

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I have to say I have always loved the boxes, but the customer service is lacking. I ordered from their pop up twice now... the first time there was no problems, except most of the products I recieved were expired. This recent pop up has been a nightmare. I ordered my products in November. It is now January and still none of the stuff I have ordered. I've written to the and have gotten canned "it's processing responses". I also tried ordering a mystery box and all of the products were so old they had hardened up and were unusable. They really should think twice about selling old boxes when the products have no shelf life. I would recommend the base box, but don't waste your time with the extra stuff unless you feel like throwing your money into a black hole.
on 1/2/2020
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I've subscribed for about a year And WAS so amazed with All aspects of this box. But last month they sent me an EMPTY box which can. be easily verified with shipping weight and i sent numerous emails when finally got a response they needed a picture of this empty box and they stated that this is the only time they'll reship another box to me and i only had 2 weeks from this box arriving to"prove" it. (this was their HUGE F*UP...NOT MINE and of course after raising their monthly price!!!!) If it weren't for the value of the box, i would definitely be canceling.
on 12/5/2019
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I would never recommend boxy charm to anyone, i have cancled last month (nov) and then hot charged for a premium in dec. I had let them know i just want my refund and not the box and they will not refund me. They charge every 1 of the month and i sent them an email on the 1st and they got back to me the next day so the 2nd and said they cant do it. They havent even zhipped out the box yet. The stuff they give you in that box is not that great i rather pay $100 for that one thing i will use rather then $50 for 5 other things im not
on 12/3/2019
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on 12/2/2019
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Disappointed. I subscribed in November when you were supposed to get a free palette - subscribed for 3 months. BoxyCharm did not follow through with sending the additional palette, just the normal box. Not a great foot to start off on. I’ve sent a Facebook message concerning this.. no reply. I wish I only subscribed to one month now. Not cool. Nothing I can do about it and nothing they will do about it. I just get ignored. Be ware.
on 11/29/2019
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I LOVE Boxycharm. I subscribe to all three boxes and they’ve all been amazing. I have had zero issues with customer service, my boxes, shipping, emails, the website, products being ruined, etc. I’ve loved almost all of my products except for the super nude lippies and a baby blue eyeliner I got. But oh well. The value is amazing and I look forward to my boxes every month. It’s like Christmas. I am new to makeup so I am not experiencing product overload or just being burned out from being subscribed for so long. I’m also not a complainer, I love finding the enjoyment in things and Boxycharm is incredibly enjoyable for me. I highly recommend it.
on 11/8/2019
Terrible company. They lie and do not follow through on promises or even offer what they promise for that matter. I cannot believe they are still in business. Would no send me emails for customization and blamed me. Then when i asked to cancel they told me they gave me points that i can only redeem as an active member???????????? Still have not fixed thebproblen
on 11/6/2019
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My october box wasn't so great... I hope my november box will include a lipstick in a berry color ...PLEASE no oranges or lite colors!!
on 10/12/2019
No Photo
So this is my second box, and it's pretty lame. It looks like I got the Left overs no one else wanted. I hope November is better. I received the dose of colors pallet, Hank and Henry mascara, Hollywood and Vine eyeliner, iconic spray, and the mallow eyebrow gel. My first box was amazing, but for October's hype, it just didn't do it for me. I'm glad others are able to enjoy theirs.
on 10/12/2019
No Photo
I was very upset with the October box :( I had only got 3 of the things showing the dose of colors pallet the primer balm and the iconic London lip gloss yeah I was happy about those but I was missing 1 item and the 4th thing in the box was a Laura geller baked gellato highlighter I wasn't happy about that at all it wasn't even on this months variations or anything I was hoping for the acne face toner or smashbox eye liner or something else shown in the Spoilers then I reached out to customer service and asked why I had 4 items and everyone else shows 5 and most people got the spoilers shown so I wasn't to Happy still nothing from customer service no answer at all :( this is the first time I haven't been happy with BC other than 1 box in the past and I usally never complain but come on :(
on 10/11/2019